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June 07/2023

3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System is Leaking

Your sprinkler system plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and lush lawn, but all your efforts can go down the drain if there's a leak. A leak anywhere on your property is not a laughing matter and requires quick action before it becomes a significant problem. Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you mitigate potential water damage caused by a leaking irrigation system, like structural damage and increased water bills. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with a reputable sprinkler repair company to ensure such issues are detected before they can cause irreversible damage.

We believe that most sprinkler-related issues can be avoided if detected early, preventing costly repairs and replacements. Whether it's poor installation, low-quality materials, or lack of maintenance, our professional contractors can pinpoint the problem and recommend the necessary action. Every member of our team has extensive industry experience and expertise, guaranteeing nothing short of excellence, from irrigation system installation to routine maintenance so that you can maintain a system in tip-top condition. Here are some telltales that one needs to look out for before calling a sprinkler repair service.

Wet or Dead Areas

A properly installed sprinkler system functioning as expected should water your lawn uniformly. However, if you discover dead or wet areas, it is a sign you need to onboard a professional contractor to conduct maintenance checks. We leverage cutting-edge equipment to enhance the quality of our service and alleviate any guesswork in the process. The last thing any home or property owner wants is to water the lawn by hand after turning off the sprinkler. If part of your backyard is luthier or drier than the rest, there's a high chance you leak, and there's uneven water coverage.

Surface Water Issues

There are other instances when drainage is the problem, which usually presents like a sunken damp area. If rainwater collects at this point, you are dealing with a drainage issue, and our experts can help you correct the problem. However, if drainage is not the problem, you need to hire a professional sprinkler repair service to check for leaks before the problem becomes more pronounced. Failing to address an irrigation leak can wreak unimaginable havoc on your property, taking a huge chunk of your finances.

Damage to the Sprinkler System

A sprinkler contains many components which can be damaged over time, resulting in a leak or malfunction. Any deterioration in the performance and efficiency of your system should prompt a professional sprinkler repair service, and that's where we come in as your go-to service provider. Start by looking at visible components for signs of damage, and if there's no visible issue, you need to reach out to an irrigation system expert.

If there's a leak along with your irrigation system, you need to contact Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with the experts. Our team conducts comprehensive checks throughout your system to pinpoint the leak's location and determine the severity of the problem. We guarantee a top-notch irrigation system.