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April 13/2023

5 Signs Your Sprinkler Needs Repair

Your home’s exterior matters because it contributes to curb appeal. Many homeowners go the extra mile to ensure their yards are lush and healthy throughout the year, which entails routine sprinkler repair and maintenance services. Irrigation systems provide lawns with sufficient water at intervals to mitigate under and overwatering. If your monthly water bill is higher than usual, your system is likely compromised. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we provide routine inspections and sprinkler repair services to ensure everything is running at optimal capacity throughout the year. If you suspect a problem with your irrigation system, here are telltale signs to look out for.

Sunken or Low Head

A sunken or low sprinkler head is one of the common signs you need sprinkler repair services. However, severe deterioration calls for an upgrade, and our irrigation company can recommend the best system for your needs. If your sprinkler heads are partially or wholly buried beneath the grass or soil, it can cause uneven water flow and dry patches in your backyard. You can rectify the problem by locating and adjusting the sprinkler head’s height to ensure the correct level. In case the head has sustained severe damage, we can recommend sprinkler replacement to restore optimal efficiency.

Leaky Control Valves

Another reason to consider sprinkler replacement is a leaky control valve, which leads to wastage of water, insufficient lawn coverage, and property damage. Once a control valve leaks, the water can flow on the surface, increasing the risk of uneven distribution across the yard. We recommend working with a reputable irrigation company to locate the damaged valve and address the problem. The last thing you want is a high monthly water bill because of a leaky system.

Pipe Clogs

Clogs are a common reason for sprinkler replacement projects among residential and commercial property owners. A blocked pipe can be caused by dirt, leaves, and other organic matter accumulating in the system. The most effective way to handle sprinkler repair in case of debris buildup is to detect and flush the debris. If the clog is far down the pipe, it may be time to schedule a sprinkler replacement job. Although this is a costly endeavor, it is necessary to restore performance and efficiency.

Uneven Yard Coverage

Irrigation systems can cover most of your yard evenly. However, an unmaintained system can get damaged, which affects the coverage area: clogged nozzles, misaligned or broken sprinkler heads, and insufficient water pressure cause this common problem. Inspect the system to identify the damaged interests if parts of your yard receive more water. We recommend hiring an irrigation company to diagnose the problem and recommend a viable solution.

Rising Water Bills

As mentioned, leaks can increase your monthly water bills drastically. In addition, unmaintained systems need to be more efficient, increasing your utility bills and sprinkler repair calls. Whether you are dealing with a clogged nozzle, a hidden leak, misaligned sprinkler heads, or other problems, a professional can help restore optimal performance and efficiency.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company to learn more about sprinklers and telltale signs of deterioration. We leverage extensive expertise and experience to guarantee nothing short of excellence in every job.