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July 12/2023

5 Spring Sprinkler System Get Ready Tips

As we approach warmer weather, flourishing greenery, and longer days, it is time to fire up the sprinkler system. After enduring the harsh winter weather, it is advisable to hire a sprinkler repair service for maintenance. You last want to turn on your irrigation system, causing further damage like leaks and pipe bursts. If you turn on your sprinkler and detect deterioration in performance and function, it might be time to hire experts to assess and replace it with an automated system. Here are several tips to help you start up your sprinkler system and maintain it in optimal condition this season.

Check Sprinkler Heads for Damage

After several months of dormancy, sprinkler heads can get damaged, compromising the efficiency of your irrigation system. Suppose there are areas on your property receiving inadequate water or discover a puddle of water near the head. In that case, it is a sign of sprinkler damage, and Atlanta Irrigation Company can help. While a damaged sprinkler head is not a cause for concern, failure to address the problem can lead to pressure problems like pipe breaks and leaks which are more difficult to fix.

Clean Up Debris

A lot of dirt and debris has collected on your property throughout winter, limiting other plants from accessing irrigation water. Before turning on your sprinkler system, clear the debris buildup around each sprinkler head, allowing them to spray water to every part of your zone. A good cleanup before firing your system up goes a long way in ensuring they run at optimal capacity throughout spring until fall.

Slowly Turn the Water On

Irrigation pipes contract during winter and expand as the weather gets warmer. This process compromises the structural integrity of your system, and turning on the water at full capacity can lead to significant damage. Releasing water quickly puts immense pressure on various components, leading to damaged sprinkler heads and burst pipes. To prevent damage, slowly open the main valve to ensure the system is properly pressurized.

Inspect the Valve

Property owners who fail to assess the state of their irrigation system before turning it on risk wasting water and money through broken valves and leaks. Ensure all valves are checked at the beginning of the watering season and regularly throughout spring, summer, and fall to ensure everything is in tip-top condition. The most common reasons for valve leaks are worn-out rubber diaphragms that don’t seal properly or a buildup of debris in the valve preventing it from closing. We can assess every valve and determine the best course of action depending on the severity of the damage.

Make Necessary Upgrades

After an assessment, you may have noticed areas that need repair or are completely worn out and need to be replaced. If you lack the expertise and industry knowledge to make informed decisions about the well-being of your landscape, Atlanta Irrigation Company can ensure the necessary upgrades are installed. Our experts can help you switch from a basic sprinkler system to a modern and more efficient one through quality irrigation system installation and maintenance. Modern systems control the irrigation process, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in the world.

Is starting your irrigation system back up stressful and daunting? Don’t worry! Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company; our experts will help you get your system in working order. Schedule a consultation today and enjoy quality services at pocket-friendly rates.