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February 28/2023

9 Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2023

Landscape lighting installation is an excellent opportunity to create a personalized and unique space on your premises. Proper lighting can transform a standard backyard into a beautiful, welcoming oasis. Besides aesthetics and atmosphere, outdoor lighting helps maximize your property’s security. With all the different technology and décor advancements, your options for landscape fixtures are limitless, and Atlanta Irrigation Company can help. Leverage the industry experience and knowledge of a professional landscape lighting installation service to ensure you maximize your outdoor spaces. Here are lighting trends to try in 2023.

Illuminated Pathways

Whether you have a pathway to your backyard pool or pavement leading to your home, proper lighting makes navigation safer and easier. If your current fixtures are not illuminating pathways as expected, the risk of falls and injuries is higher. We use LEDs to add lighting efficiently, guaranteeing a safe and accurate installation. Homeowners can rely on our expertise for quality landscape lighting repair and maintenance services, ensuring your pathway fixtures perform well.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are a popular trend among landscape lighting options and create an inviting atmosphere after the sun goes down. A major benefit of these fixtures is an easy installation that can be customized to match your home’s color and overall architectural style. Our expert contractors can ensure your wall lights highlight and add value to your home. This can be beneficial if you list your home for sale or enhance visibility to prospective tenants.

Security Lights

Technological advancements in landscape lighting ensure property owners don’t compromise the safety of their premises. Smart security systems allow you to protect your home with scheduled lighting, motion sensors, and other safety features. Some offer a remote control to switch outdoor lights on or off when traveling. Smart systems also detect failing components, giving you time to hire a landscape lighting repair company for maintenance.

String Lights

String lights range from solar LEDs to Edison bulbs, offering various styles. Although these fixtures are versatile and can be used in different areas, they are a fashionable and stylistic way to illuminate your patio or backyard. If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your exterior with string lights, consult an electrician to ensure proper installation and durability.

Spot Lighting

Spotlights are placed above or on the ground and provide additional lighting in outdoor spaces. Illuminating your backyard, professional installation can shift the focus to your building, plants, and trees. We can help you create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor environment through professional spotlighting installation and sprinkler repair services.

Glass Lanterns

If you prefer a vintage look for your outdoor spaces, glass lanterns are the most preferred choice. While the design offers your home a timeless and elegant touch, glass lanterns are an excellent light source. You don’t have to worry about compromising the safety and visibility of your home for aesthetics because you can have it all with a single design.


Are you looking to display an area of your home, like a pool, or spruce up a parking lot? If so, consider installing downlights. These fixtures face downward and are covered on the side to give off an ambient look. However, downlights are mostly suited for design than function since they only illuminate a particular thing and don’t give off extra lighting to surrounding areas.

LEDs and Sustainable Lighting

Many states have passed laws restricting access to incandescent and halogen bulbs. This has increased the demand for eco-friendly solutions like LED lights, which are energy efficient and more sustainable. LEDs come in unique designs and can be used for various purposes, from holiday lighting to highlight specific commercial or residential areas. LEDs are the future, and we can ensure you enjoy all their benefits.

Low-Key Lighting

As a business owner, you must draw people to your store. Low-key lighting offers a subtle display that makes people comfortable walking by your store. Gone are the days of installing garish lighting to enhance store visibility while bothering those passing by your workplace. Rather than random customers, focus on the hose that comes into your shop by accentuating the products with indoor lighting.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and talk to our lighting contractors. At competitive rates, we provide a wide range of services, such as sprinkler repair and landscape lighting installation. Let us help you transform your commercial or residential establishment.