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February 10/2023

Adding Different Shrubs to Your Landscape

Shrubs are vital in achieving the desired landscape design, and that’s why it is essential to understand how they fit into the general scheme of your garden. While the internet offers much information on adding shrubs to your property, nothing beats an established irrigation service. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we ensure that you have access to an experienced and knowledgeable irrigation technician to provide pertinent information on adding shrubs. Planning is critical for any project’s success, and it is advisable to break down your landscaping design to see how it integrates with your irrigation lines and overall landscape design.

With all the different shrubs to choose from, it's overwhelming to find one that suits your environmental conditions and landscape needs. The experts from Atlanta Irrigation Company offer top-quality irrigation installation and sprinkler repair services to ensure your new shrubs get the water they need to thrive. Whether you prefer the typical shrub options like azaleas, boxwoods, rhododendrons, or other varieties, you can count on your irrigation system to match your greenery needs.

Start with the Shrub’s Function

A common mistake homeowners make is focusing more on aesthetics than function and realizing the error when it’s too late. When you work with our professional irrigation contractors in Sandy Springs, we install your irrigation system and provide information on various shrubs based on the intended purpose. This can range from year-round coverage, color, species, and many more. We can ensure the shrubs you choose to get sufficient water required to thrive and exceed expectations on all fronts.

Make Knowledgeable Decisions

After choosing shrubs based on function, you are left with a long list of shrubs with varying needs you need to narrow. Based on your landscape, you can eliminate shrubs that don’t align with your initial landscape design and irrigation strategies. If you want to buy a shrub, you are unfamiliar with; our professional technicians can offer insight to help you make informed decisions. We have been installing irrigation systems for years and have dealt with many plants, which puts us in a better position to help.

Try Something Different

Every homeowner should experiment with something new to enhance the overall design of their landscape. You can consult an expert rather than pulling a name out of a hat to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. There are many exciting options, and we have encountered most of them during irrigation jobs. Although sticking to what you know is a safe option, you are missing out on many unique plants that can add life to your home. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge to find out more about prospects you are considering, and ensure they are the right fit.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake on the first trial. Adding shrubs to any landscape is easier said than done. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company talk to our team of experts about improving your yard. We guarantee top-quality irrigation system installation and repair at competitive market rates.