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September 14/2023

Are Sprinkler Timers Worth it?

Technology has revolutionized the irrigation industry, giving property owners more control over the irrigation process for optimal efficiency. One of the most common trends is the sprinkler timer, which is integrated with your sprinkler system to automate their premises. A sprinkler timer offers many benefits, especially if you lead a busy schedule and lack time to water your lawn. However, many homeowners aren't convinced about the sprinkler timer because they are fragile and easily damaged, increasing the frequency of sprinkler repair calls.

Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you make the right choice for your yard without compromising the health of your landscape. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians provides exceptional irrigation system installation and routine maintenance, alleviating trivial issues along the way before they get out of hand. If you are still on the fence about investing in sprinkler timers, here are some reasons you should reconsider.

Less Stress

Property owners must follow an irrigation schedule to ensure their greenery is hydrated correctly without the risk of under or overwatering. Having to water your lawn manually constantly is a rigorous process that most people don't look forward to. A sprinkler timer and sensor system are integrated into your irrigation system to ensure your property gets sufficient amounts of water without your intervention.

More Efficient

While conventional irrigation techniques have their advantages, they tend to be less efficient and effective when it comes to dispersing water evenly. However, sprinkler timers are more convenient and boost the effectiveness of your system. Modern systems can also be accessed remotely, giving you more control and ensuring your grass and plants flourish with little effort. Like most systems, scheduling routine maintenance checks with a trusted sprinkler repair service is essential for enhanced function and durability.

Save Money

Water conservation is a crucial concern for most homeowners, as water costs are rising and water levels are decreasing globally. If you receive a shocking utility bill that is unexplainable, you need to make specific changes to regulate the amount used in irrigation. The most suitable solution to achieve this is integrating a timer into your current system. This will ensure your property gets the proper water without leaving a significant dent in your finances.

Keep Your Lawn Greener

You hired a technician to conduct a professional irrigation system installation to maintain a green and lush landscape. Many maintenance practices achieve this, and maintaining an irrigation schedule is at the top of the list. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property and customize a watering schedule suited to your property needs.

We can also customize your irrigation system to effectively reach your lawn's areas without wasting water. These are some of the reasons why it is crucial to install sprinkler timers, and our highly trained technicians can ensure you get the most out of your system. Schedule an appointment with our team of experts to learn more about improving the efficiency and performance of your irrigation system.