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March 08/2023

Are Sprinkler Winterization Necessary?

Your sprinkler system relies on the intricate interaction between pipes, valves, fittings, and other critical parts. If you don’t take the needed preventive measures during the cold season, the freezing temperatures can cause devastating damage to the entire system. Water not blown out of your sprinkler system before winter kicks into high gear can cause sprinkler heads, pipes, and manifolds to crack and burst.

The most effective solution to mitigate costly damages is to hire a professional sprinkler repair service. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we winterize your irrigation system and provide quality landscape lighting installation and repair services. Winterization is essential in maintaining safe systems, and we are the go-to service provider. Here are reasons to winterize and blow out your sprinkler system.

Cracked Pipes and Burst Lines

After using your irrigation system throughout the hot season, winter is a time to give it a rest and switch to other landscaping techniques. However, irrigation systems usually have water lingering in the pipes, and failing to blow it out increases the risk of cracks and burst piping emergencies when temperatures drop. The last things you want are costly repairs and replacements when you need to irrigate your lawn, not to mention the subsequent damage associated with digging across the yard. A reputable sprinkler repair service can help you protect your investment throughout the year, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Prevent Irreparable Damage

As mentioned, water can get trapped inside the sprinkler heads and pipes. When temperatures drop, the water freezes, causing sprinkler heads to pop off and break. If you don’t blow out the water before winter, you risk costly repairs caused by cracks and bursting. The rotating mechanism, which pops and rotates while the sprinkler runs, can freeze and crack, forcing it to malfunction and remain stuck in the ground.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Every sprinkler system contains a regulator called a manifold, which acts like the system’s heart. The manifold controls water flow from the source to the rest of the irrigation system. It subsists a main pipe and several attached valves, meaning frozen water can easily cause cracks and damage the entire system. Repairing or replacing a damaged manifold can cost a pretty penny; hence, the need to consider preventive maintenance. We winterize your pipes to mitigate costly repairs and provide exceptional landscape lighting installation to maximize function and safety.

When & How to Winterize Your System

It is essential to drain and blow out irrigation pipes using a compressor before temperatures freeze. While many prefer winterizing, we recommend a week before the first freeze. If you don’t have a compressor, you can drain the system manually before shutting off the water supply and allowing the remaining water to drain out the valves. Ensure your lawn is properly lit before winter to mitigate accidents and costly damages. Check your fixtures beforehand and hire a landscape lighting repair expert before snowstorms.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our experts. We guarantee top-quality landscape lighting repair and sprinkler maintenance service without breaking the bank. Leverage our winterizing knowledge and save money and time this cold season.