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May 03/2023

Choosing the Perfect Light Level for Your Landscape Lighting

Did you know the suitable lumen output level can make all the difference in enhancing landscape aesthetics and functionality? When choosing the right light level for your outdoor spaces, it is advisable to consult a professional. This helps you account for critical factors such as the desired effect, lighting objectives, mood, and size of the premises.

Atlanta Irrigation Company leverages extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide unmatched landscape lighting installation services. In addition, we provide exceptional irrigation system installation and sprinkler repair services to enhance curb appeal. Our technicians know the different lumen outputs, allowing us to customize visually attractive designs for your home. You should know the different light levels before scheduling a landscape lighting installation project.

Light Level 1

Light level 1 is the lowest light output and is often recommended for ground-level lighting subjects. These include porches, shrubs, bushes, sidewalks, decks, and anything about six to ten feet tall in the backyard. Homeowners can maintain cohesion by using wide beam angles to spread light evenly across the yard. The last thing you want is to create abrasive hot spots, leaving other areas dark.

Light Level 2

Light level 2 is a slightly higher lumen output, and it is suitable for lighting subjects about ten to twenty feet high — like the top of trees or the soffit of a two-story building. However, the taller the issue, the more light you need to illuminate it. This type of light level is preferred because of the shadowing effect on the façade of medium-sized trees or a story building. The lighting is placed on the ground and focused on the subject to add more dimension and depth to outdoor spaces.

Light Level 3

Light level 3 is ideal for lighting three-story homes and larger trees. This application’s most common lighting fixtures include well lights, spotlights, and up lights. If you have a three-story home or a yard full of tall trees, light level 3 grazes light in front of your property and sends the right amount of light to hit your mansion’s soffit. Since this lighting level illuminates subjects between 20 and 30 feet high, it results in a moonlight effect that mimics a full moon shining on the property. Although the moonlight effect can be achieved by light level 2, we recommend light level 3 for maximum impact.

Light Level 4

Light level 4 has the highest lumen output and is suitable for lighting subjects between 50 and 80 feet tall, like pine and oak trees. The high light output is excellent for accentuating focal points of mega-mansions like chimney tops. We can help you create a dynamic and unique outdoor area by combining lighting fixtures and layers to enhance outdoor spaces with a moonlight effect.

The right light level improves curb appeal, function, and safety. You don’t have to worry about damaging outdoor systems and structures because of poor lighting. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and discuss your outdoor lighting needs with our representatives. We also provide various services at friendly rates, including irrigation system installation and sprinkler repair.