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March 09/2023

Choosing the Right Irrigation System

One of the most important decisions you have to make as a property or homeowner is choosing the right irrigation system. With all the various irrigations systems in the market, it can be difficult for an untrained person to choose one that suits their landscaping needs. That's why it's advisable to consult the professionals at Atlanta Irrigation Company to ensure you make a sound investment to help you maintain a lush and healthy lawn. There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal system, and we can ensure it meets all your expectations and minimizes any environmental implications.

A reliable and reputable irrigation company can handle everything for you, including irrigation system installation, so that you are guaranteed a functioning and efficient system. We have extensive industry knowledge and expertise when it comes to various irrigation systems, the more reason for you to consider onboarding Atlanta Irrigation Company for your irrigation system needs. Here are some of the different irrigation systems designed to meet various landscaping needs.

Surface Irrigation

This type of irrigation involves distributing water using hoses, watering cans, or a sprinkler attachment. As you pour water on the soil surface, it can seep through, reaching the root systems of plants in your backyard. Most people who prefer surface irrigation do so because it is cost-effective but forget that it is the most inefficient technique.

The most significant risk of surface irrigation is over and underwater, which is a standard human error caused by the high inefficiency. If you have a sizable lawn, this technique is not ideal since it requires more manual labor, limiting the room for automation. However, this technique is recommended as a supplement for other irrigation methods.

Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation system involves placing uniformed applications above the plant's root area. Drip irrigation is perfect for non-turf areas like vegetable gardens, flower beds, and container plants. If your landscape has less than even terrain, drip irrigation provides the ideal solution to ensure you maintain a healthy, thriving landscape.

Direct application is environmentally friendly and more efficient since it prevents runoff and evaporation. Technology has enabled the automation of the drip irrigation system, allowing it to be synced to a remote device for easy control. This helps alleviate the wastage of water and the need for unnecessary labor.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler systems are the most preferred and iconic form of irrigation. These systems are highly versatile and efficient, suited for various landscape designs. To get the most out of your sprinkler system, it is essential to onboard an expert irrigation installer to help you design an appropriate irrigation system installation plan.

Sprinkler heads can be installed to pop up, retract, or be placed above ground. These systems are equipped with smart irrigation controllers to adjust your settings according to local weather reports for water conservation. These are some of the different types of irrigation methods our experts can help you choose from, depending on your needs. Contact us today at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with our experts.