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March 21/2023

Common Landscape Lighting Problems and Solutions

Landscape lighting installation is a great way to enhance curb appeal and your home’s safety. However, frustrating issues arise with fixtures, resulting in unexpected outdoor lighting repair calls. When you notice a problem with your lighting, we recommend hiring a professional for inspection and repairs. Atlanta Irrigation Company has highly trained technicians ready to assess, detect, and address any landscape lighting issue. We work with you to prevent recurrence and provide pertinent information to help you maintain a functioning and durable system. Here are solutions to common outdoor lighting problems.

Lights Burn Out Quickly

Unlike indoor light fixtures, landscape lighting is exposed to extreme conditions, such as snow, rain, and strong wind. Premature bulb burnout is also caused by dirt, debris, and water buildup in the fixture, corroding the socket or causing a faulty connection. If you have a landscape lighting installation project lined up, use wet-rated bulbs to mitigate damage from the elements. These bulbs have protective seals against fogging and moisture, safeguarding your fixtures from environmental contaminants.

Another outdoor bulb alternative is a damp-rated fixture. These bulbs are certified to withstand moisture but not direct water exposure. The most suitable location for damp-rated bulbs includes covered decks, porches, and lanais. Wet-rated bulbs are ideal for areas exposed to standing water, rain, and dripping water. This makes them suitable for patios, decks, stairs, and walkways.

Intermittent and Flickering Lights

Intermittent and flickering lights are usually caused by a defective bulb or faulty connection in the socket, which can cause a fire hazard. If you notice a flickering fixture in your lawn, you need professional outdoor lighting repair services. We can inspect your bulbs for damage and replace bad and old ones to prevent varying light levels. Please check the connections before replacing a bulb, since the bulb is only sometimes the problem.

Faulty connections are usually caused by improper landscape lighting installation. If you suspect a problem, shut off power to the fixture at the breaker and adjust all connections in the socket. In case the issue persists, consult an expert before replacing various components. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to ensure minor issues are addressed, and your system is running at high performance.

Lights Are on During Daylight Hours

When your lights are on during daylight hours, the problem may be an improperly installed photocell. Whether the photocell is facing the wrong way or installed backwards, it will not detect darkness and signal the lights to turn on. Remove and reposition the photocell to face away from direct sunlight. Adjusting the sensitivity by turning the dial at its base and positioning the photocell to point north is advisable.

Voltage Spikes or Surges

During heavy rains and storms, lightning can cause voltage surges. Heavy electrical loads turning on and off, such as many people turning on their AC simultaneously, can also cause utility failures. Overvoltage is common when electrical levels rise above standard levels, mainly when lightning, downed lines, or equipment malfunctions occur. High voltage is dangerous and can cause devastating damage to your devices and home.

Outdoor lighting issues stem from a lack of maintenance, improper installation, and faulty fixtures. When an issue arises, contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company. Please schedule an appointment with our team of experts to enjoy quality outdoor lighting services at competitive rates.