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June 06/2023

Common Outdoor Lighting Myths Debunked

Landscape light installation enhances function and curb appeal. There are many reasons to consider outdoor LED lighting—entertainment, safety, aesthetics, and more. However, several factors can affect your decision. Fortunately, many of these problems are myths, and the best way to avoid misinformation is to consult a professional.

At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we hire seasoned technicians with extensive industry experience to address all your lighting needs. When an outdoor lighting installation project is lined up, our experts provide pertinent information to eliminate uncertainties and myths. Here are a few common myths that often deter landscape lighting installation efforts.

LED Lights Harm Your Eyesight

LED lights are the latest trend in lighting technology. These artificial light sources don’t pose any threat to your eyesight. Although excessive exposure to blue light can harm your vision, LEDs have less blue light in outdoor fixtures than your computer and mobile phone. When you schedule a professional landscape lighting repair or installation, our technicians use high-quality products to minimize risks without compromising performance. LEDs don’t raise concerns even if you have a pre-existing eyesight problem.

LED Lighting Doesn’t Work in the Cold

Another myth that sways the decision to install landscape LED lighting is that they malfunction in cold weather. The contrary is true: LEDs perform better in the cold than traditional lighting fixtures. The last thing any homeowner wants is to make frequent landscape lighting repair calls in mid-winter. With that in mind, installing LED fixtures is the best option to guarantee visibility and high performance throughout the year. Hire a professional technician to handle installation and maintenance, addressing minor issues before things get out of hand.

LED Lighting Has a Sterile Appearance

While LED fixtures may have started this way many years ago, these lights have come a long way. Technological advancements have changed the appearance of LED lights, enhancing aesthetics and eco-friendliness. Property owners have a variety of colored fixtures to achieve aesthetic goals without affecting yard function and safety. If you need help to bring your lighting vision to life, onboard the expertise and knowledge of certified technicians.

LED Lights Are Easy to Install

DIY LED landscape lighting installation is not impossible, but we don’t recommend it, especially without the proper tools and skills. Many DIY projects risk further damage and costly landscape lighting repair emergencies because of uncertainties. The best way to eliminate guesswork or potential damages is to leave the heavy lifting to a professional. As mentioned, outdoor lighting installations may seem straightforward, but it is not! Our certified technicians can inspect your electrical system to determine if it can handle outdoor fixtures and recommend changes to ease installation and longevity.

If you want to add landscape lighting fixtures, Atlanta Irrigation Company is the go-to service provider. We provide property owners with vital information to debunk myths and schedule follow-up inspections and maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our representatives. Now that you know the common myths surrounding landscape lighting, you can proceed with installation without affecting security in your exterior spaces.