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October 11/2023

Does A Sprinkler System Add Value To Your Home?

If you are a homeowner, it is customary to look at ways you can improve property value. There are many aspects you can improve in your premises, but it is advisable to focus on areas that have a significant impact. Curb appeal is vital in creating a lasting first impression, and Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you maintain a lush and well-maintained lawn. We offer professional irrigation system installation, eliminating the constant worry of yellow or browning grass.

A sad-looking lawn lowers property value and doesn’t attract the right buyers when listing your home for sale. However, you can rely on our expertise to help you choose a sprinkler system that’s high-quality and easy to use, turning your lawn into a healthy, appealing space. If you are tired of frequent sprinkler repair calls, and the state of your landscape hasn’t changed, it may be time to upgrade, and we are your go-to irrigation system installation service. Here’s how these systems add value to your home.


While property owners often turn sprinkler repair and installation into a DIY project, the slightest miscalculation can lead to costly damages and repairs. You don’t want your landscape to be a headache and a money pit that doesn’t add value. We believe an irrigation system should be well-designed and installed efficiently for optimal growth of greenery on the premises. Leverage our extensive knowledge to ensure the different plants in your landscape get sufficient water, and the system isn’t wasting water by spraying unnecessary spaces with mulch or concrete.


Another crucial selling point for prospective buyers is that the irrigation system is already installed and running. Many appreciate moving into a home with a functioning sprinkler system, which makes lawn maintenance less stressful. Most of the work is complete, even if you must schedule routine sprinkler repair and maintenance with a professional irrigation company. We ensure every inch of your sprinkler system is inspected, and repairs or replacements are recommended before trivial issues get out of hand.

Curb Appeal

Landscaping and grass are significant factors in curb appeal. If your yard is not attractive, it compromises the overall look of your home, making it look neglected and old. The best solution for this is hiring a professional to conduct irrigation system installation, ensuring your greenery is refreshed with regular watering and care. A green lawn transforms the complete view of your home, adding value to the property. You will also likely attract passersby and drivers looking for a property to invest in.


With a fully installed and maintained irrigation system, you don’t have to worry about your yard’s high water bills or uneven results. A prospective buyer wants to know they won’t be receiving high utility bills or wasting water trying to maintain a healthy yard. Environmental factors are crucial in buying, hence the need to work with a reputable sprinkler repair company.

An aesthetically pleasing landscape is key to getting significant returns on investment. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with our irrigation experts to ensure your yard remains in top-notch condition.