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March 14/2023

Enhancing a Pool Area with Outdoor Lighting

After many months of winter, summer is finally around the corner. Most people opt to spend the hot days basking in their pools and enjoy the outdoor spaces at night. We recommend hiring a professional for outdoor lighting installation and maintenance if you have a pool area. A well-lit pool is aesthetically pleasing and enhances comfort, safety, and efficiency by accentuating the landscape. Atlanta Irrigation Company can help create a beautiful ambiance, making your pool area feel more welcoming.

Lighting Placement to Enhance Safety and Beauty

Proper lighting placement is a vital aspect of pool lighting. When you hire us to provide quality outdoor lighting installation, we customize a design that enhances the property’s aesthetics. We aim to highlight the architectural features and beauty of the pool without compromising function or safety. If light fixtures in your backyard don’t bring out the beauty of your landscape, it may be time to consider a landscape lighting replacement project. Here are ways to optimize your pool’s appearance while maintaining safety.

Pathway Lighting

If your pool area has pathways, installing lighting can help people walk around in the backyard without the risk of trip and fall hazards. Proper outdoor lighting installation along pool area pathways keeps plants safe because people can see where they are going. The last thing you want is footsteps on your flowerbed. Ensure light fixtures illuminate the path from your home to the pool, but if not, we can provide landscape lighting installation to ensure walkways are lit clearly.

Stair Tread Lighting

Research shows that over one million Americans get injured from stairway falls annually. The deck or patio stairs leading to the pool are the most dangerous. Lighting the stairs helps prevent falls, severe injuries, or death. However, professional outdoor lighting installation is vital to prevent distractions that can lead to falls. We recommend tread lights for maximum safety, as the lights focus on the steps below.

Lighting Water Features

Water features improve your pool’s beauty and enhance the overall appeal of your backyard. Lighting water features add life and color as a focal point on your premises. The right fixtures draw attention and create a fantastic view for swimmers. If you want to boost the mood and create a glorious feeling when you look at your pool, we can help illuminate water features. Whether lighting waterfalls or installing wash lights at the pool’s edge, professional landscape lighting can add a magical layer to the pool.

Lighting Architectural Structures

Lighting architectural structures around the pool area adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Check your fixtures to ensure they create a focal point and highlight certain features, such as fire pits, statues, or fountains. Perfect pool illumination creates a dramatic transformation that provides a welcoming mood to your guests.

Besides curb appeal, illuminating architectural structures around the pool area keeps your premises safe. Your guests will feel more comfortable when they know where they are sitting or stepping on is safe. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company to learn more about enhancing your pool area. We provide various services at friendly rates, such as landscape lighting replacement, repair, and maintenance.