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January 18/2023

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprinkler Systems

Homeowners constantly improve the appeal and health of their lawns. You can achieve a lush yard is by regularly watering the greenery, which can be rigorous and time-consuming if you manually move a portable sprinkler. This also increases the risk of overwatering and under-watering in some lawn areas. Luckily, Atlanta Irrigation Company offers exceptional irrigation system installation services to mitigate water wastage and manual adjustments.

With all the different sprinkler systems on the market, it is challenging to find a suitable one without professional help. Our irrigation technicians leverage extensive industry experience and expertise to help you choose a system that will make your lawn more manageable and healthier. To help you make an informed decision, here are common questions we get from homeowners.

Can a Sprinkler System Save Time?

Automatic sprinkler systems don’t require you to manually hook up the hose before turning it on, saving time, usually wasted monitoring the progress. If you frequently make sprinkler repair calls without improvement in efficiency or function, it may be time to upgrade. Modern systems have an in-built control box that runs off a weather sensor or timer, so you don’t have to turn it on manually. Some systems can be controlled remotely, allowing you to spend more family time and less worrying about your yard.

Can a Sprinkler System Save Me Money?

As mentioned, portable sprinklers risk overwatering and under-watering, compromising the quality of your property. Since we set modern systems to your preferences and needs, you don’t have to worry about missing zones that need water or watering areas that don’t need it. You can achieve optimal lawn coverage by simply adjusting the sprinkler heads without increasing your utility bills. We are the go-to irrigation system installation service if you want to switch to an automatic sprinkler.

Do I Still Have to Worry About Dry Spots?

Dry spots are common when your current sprinkler system is not providing the expected yard coverage. Although some manual sprinklers have similar settings to an automatic system, targeting specific areas takes a lot of work. With an automated system, each sprinkler head has an exact coverage function and purpose, guaranteeing proper watering and peace of mind. Whether you are away on vacation or away on business, your yard receives sufficient water without the risk of under-watering and dry spots.

What is Included in a Sprinkler System?

A typical sprinkler system contains valves, a controller, a network of underground pipes, and sprinkler heads. Different controllers have varying features, from weather prediction moisture monitoring in the soil, water pressure, valve control, and sprinkler performance. These are critical factors to consider when choosing a sprinkler system, hence the need to consult a professional before deciding. Our experts can customize your sprinkler system of choice, ensuring it exceeds your expectations and meets the needs of your lawn.

When watering your yard, please contact the leading sprinkler repair services. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We offer top-notch irrigation system installation and maintenance at competitive market rates.