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February 22/2023

How Do In-Ground Sprinklers Work?

Whether you need professional irrigation system installation or learning the processes involved in sprinkler repair, we are the go-to source of information. In-ground sprinklers are a great way to keep your lawn healthy, and the system’s efficiency preserves water without compromising curb appeal. If you want to reduce utility costs while making the world greener, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help. Leverage our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your in-ground irrigation system.

What is an In-ground Sprinkler System?

Before hiring a trusted irrigation system installation company, it is advisable to research the various systems available. This goes a long way in ensuring you choose the best sprinkler for your needs. An in-ground irrigation system entails underground pipes connected to a water source, with sprinkler heads that pop up when you turn on the system and release water.

We ensure in-ground irrigation system installation is done with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to set a weekly watering program for a certain amount of time. These systems save you a lot of time and money because of the enhanced efficiency compared to hand-watering. While hand-watering may seem like a cost-effective alternative, you risk overwatering and subsequent lawn damage.

How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Work

Most homeowners don’t think about how their irrigation systems work unless a problem requires sprinkler repair. If you have an in-ground system, it is relatively simple to understand. As mentioned, these systems have underground pipes connected to a water source, like the municipal supply line or well. Water is pumped from the source, and the valves regulate how much water flows through the system and out the sprinkler heads.

The sprinkler heads release water in a specific pattern, depending on the type installed. Some heads distribute water over long distances by rotating, while others shillyshally back and forth or spray in a particular direction. When the set time ends, the valves close automatically, and the systems shut off. Different in-ground systems are on the market, so consult a professional to ensure you install the most suited system without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of In-Ground System

In-ground systems save time and money without compromising the health of your lawn. There are many benefits of installing these systems, and it starts with hiring a professional installation to kick-start your irrigation on the right foot. Here are the benefits of an in-ground system.

Maintain a Healthy and Green Lawn

In-ground systems provide a consistent flow of water, which helps your lawn or garden stay green and healthy. Irrigation can be challenging, as too little or too much water can harm your plants. With an in-ground system, your plants get the right amount of water, ensuring they remain in tip-top shape all year.

Reduce Water Wastage

In-ground systems are efficient and reduce 50% of the water wasted outdoors. Hand watering increases the risk of overwatering, saving hundreds of dollars on water bills annually. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you are watering your lawn with the right amount by optimizing your watering schedule for the best time of the day.

Contact Atlanta Irrigation Company and talk with our team of experts. We offer exceptional irrigation system installation and maintenance services at pocket-friendly rates.