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April 19/2023

How Landscape Lighting Affects Lawn Care

Homeowners stand to benefit from any landscape lighting, especially in lawn care. Although there are concerns that landscape lighting installation can cause problems with the lawn, hiring a professional can prevent safety hazards and lawn damage. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we provide unmatched irrigation system installation and maintenance and landscape lighting services to ensure your premises are lush and safe throughout the year. Before installing outdoor lighting, consult an expert to ensure everything is conducted professionally. The last thing you want is to compromise curb appeal because of lighting.

Is It Worth Messing Your Lawn for Some Lights?

This is a common question many homeowners ask, but the short answer is it does not matter if you work with a professional. As the leading landscape lighting and irrigation system installation service, we can guarantee top-notch services without compromising lawn beauty. Our technicians can bury the wiring so it doesn’t affect lawn care and maintenance. We can help you invest in quality landscape lights, alleviating any worries about property aesthetics and safety. You can also count on us to conduct routine inspections to provide timely lighting and sprinkler repair services.

Wire Burial

As mentioned, burying the wiring properly is crucial for maintaining lawn appeal. The last thing you want is a poor installation which leads to safety hazards and unexpected sprinkler repair calls. When you work with our team of professionals, we ensure everything is in tip-top shape before leaving the premises. Our experts bury the wiring in the right places to mitigate future problems or damages. In addition, our lighting professionals know the recommended depth to bury the wiring and the safest way to get power from the transformer without compromising efficiency.

Quality Lights

There are many landscape lighting options to put on your lawn. With that in mind, finding quality lights can be challenging for inexperienced individuals. Hence, hiring our lighting technicians allows you to leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to minimize lawn damage and safety hazards. We recommend lights that lay flat on the ground, commonly used for columns in commercial buildings or tree lighting.

Another excellent lighting solution for your landscape is path lights. These are ideal for backyard lighting, especially if you have kids and pets. Path lights illuminate the ground, preventing slips and fall without affecting lawn care activities. Since path lights are usually installed along the edge of the lawn, you can care for your property with minimal hindrance.

Spotlights are also excellent additions to your landscape, especially if you have trees in the backyard. However, homeowners must be careful as spotlights are installed in the middle of the lawn, increasing the risk of damage during lawn care. Before installing landscape lighting, consult a professional to ensure you get quality lights suited for your property and needs.

Hire a Professional

Take the first step and contact Atlanta Irrigation Company to schedule a consultation with our representatives. We can help you maximize your landscape lighting without affecting lawn aesthetics or breaking the bank.