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July 05/2023

How Much Should a Lawn Irrigation System Cost?

A well-maintained lawn offers a wide range of advantages, from increasing property value to enhancing the aesthetics of your home. It is difficult for homeowners to keep up with a watering schedule, especially if you only spend time at home on weekends. Failure to provide adequate water to your lawn can leave it dry, but you can fix the problem by hiring Atlanta Irrigation Company for quality irrigation system installation. If you consider improving your irrigation techniques with a modern system, you need to know how much it will cost.

The last thing you want is to install a system that constantly needs sprinkler repair, turning your lawn into the financial drain. There are several factors to consider that impact the cost of an irrigation system, starting with irrigation system installation costs. Here are some factors that determine if you should pay more or less.

The Amount of Equipment Needed

The size of your property determines how much equipment will be used, increasing the cost of the system. Large yards require a sprinkler system that can supply water to all the areas covered in greenery. On the other hand, a smaller yard won’t need as much equipment, lowering the cost of the irrigation system and installation. Our technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property to determine the appropriate size of the system, ensuring you get an accurate quote that’s within reason.

Ease of Installation

Most irrigation companies consider the ease of installation when providing homeowners with an estimate. An irrigation system installation becomes a breeze if you have a flat landscape filled with grass. However, if your lawn is filled with hardscapes and uneven terrain, installation requires more effort and time, adding to the overall cost of your irrigation system. While a DIY installation project seems like a cost-effective solution, the slightest miscalculation can compromise the efficiency and function of your irrigation system. Our experienced team of technicians can ensure everything is installed correctly and in working condition, ensuring you get your money’s worth on your landscaping investment.

The Type of System

Over the past decade, the irrigation market has experienced a change in product designs, efficiency, and performance from numerous manufacturers. Currently, there are many different types of irrigation systems in the market, making it difficult for homeowners to choose the most ideal for their watering needs. A drip irrigation system costs less than other sprinkler systems, and you can save more money by hiring an affordable irrigation company. Atlanta Irrigation Company guarantees good deals depending on the type of system you choose and professional maintenance services to ensure it remains in optimal condition throughout the year.

These factors can guide your decision-making to ensure you install an efficient, high-performance irrigation system without compromising quality. Now that you know what it takes to purchase and install a sprinkler system, it is time to take the next step. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our experts to enjoy exceptional services at pocket-friendly rates.