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August 23/2023

How to Blow Out Sprinklers for Winter

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn throughout the year requires a well-maintained irrigation system. This involves carrying out preventative practices like winterizing to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Many homeowners don’t understand why it is essential to blow out the entire system before winter until they need to use it again in spring. It is not advisable to overlook the importance of removing excess water before winter. Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you maintain an efficient system by conducting regular inspections to detect trivial issues before they get out of hand.

Why You Should Blow Out Sprinklers

A functioning and efficient irrigation system is an investment in the future of your landscape and failing to winterize compromises your return on investment. Failing to take adequate measures during the cold season can cause your sprinklers to fail, wasting money and time. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with a reputable sprinkler repair service that can help you get the most out of your system after winter.

Blowing out your sprinkler system is a vital winterizing process that removes all the water and debris that can damage the internal components during the long dormant months of winter. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures cause the residue to harden, forming clogs in the lines, which make it more challenging to use. If you detect deterioration in performance or efficiency, it may be time to reach out to a sprinkler repair company.

Freezing water in your irrigation system causes the water lines, nozzles, and pipes to expand, resulting in cracks and breaks. This is one of the reasons for leakages, inoperable sprinkler heads, and inefficiency. Severely damaged systems are time-consuming and costly to repair, hence the need for routine maintenance after irrigation system installation.

The water remaining in your irrigation system also leads to corrosion and rust, increasing the likelihood of failing components and deterioration in the efficiency of watering your lawn. In addition, corroded and rusty pipes are susceptible to mineral buildup and mold growth which is unhealthy for watering your lawn. If you detect corrosion or mold, it may be time to replace damaged lines or the entire system. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to enhance the quality of irrigation system installation and maintenance, alleviating the risk of malfunction in the future.

How Does a Sprinkler System Blow Out Work?

To properly blow out your sprinkler system, you need high-pressure air to push out all traces of water. Even after manually or automatically draining the system, it is essential to blow out the irrigation system. Automatic and manual draining is initially helpful when winterizing, but it doesn’t guarantee all the moisture is removed.

With high-pressure air blowouts, any remaining water in your system is pushed out through the sprinkler heads. The main benefit of compressed air pressure is the ability to reach every part of the sprinkler system, leaving little room for water and debris to remain in the system. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our representatives. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to enjoy quality sprinkler repair and maintenance services at pocket-friendly rates.