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December 21/2023

How To Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting Design

Creating ambiance on your patio starts with selecting the right lighting fixture. Figuring out the right temperature, placement, or décor for your space can be intimidating. Luckily, at Atlanta Irrigation Company, we can help you with all aspects of landscape lighting installation. Our team of experts considers essential metrics like selecting the right fixtures, making proper wire connections, and checking the correct voltage.

Our years of experience as a landscape lighting installer ensures that the patio lighting is properly and safely installed. Some of the crucial factors you should consider when selecting the ideal lighting design for your patio include:

Wet or Dry Ratings

Dry-rated lights cannot withstand condensation and should not come into contact with a high moisture level. Wet-rated lights are appropriate for areas with direct exposure to moisture or water. These lights are the best for outdoor lights like patio lights, ground wells lights, or path lights. Knowing the suitable lights for your patio is extremely important. A landscape lighting installer will help ensure they select superior wet-rated lights for your outdoor space.

Positioning of the Lights

The correct position of the patio lights creates the perfect lighting for your outdoor space. Hanging lights are brilliant for covered spaces, while post lights can be positioned at the entrance of your patio. A professional can help create unity in your space by strategically placing the lights.

Select the Ideal Color Temperature

Color temperature is the light appearance that the light bulb produces. A bulb with a higher Kelvin value is brighter. You can select cool lights with a white color or warm lights with a yellow hue. The warm lights are more soothing and welcoming on your patio.

Lighting Durability

It is essential to consider added advantages of LED lights on your patio. They are the most preferred, as they are durable and offer great lighting options. When you place these lights in the outdoor space, you don’t need to make multiple replacements. They are also energy efficient and durable. They produce superior lighting, adding ambiance and security to your home. Since they are low-maintenance options, they are the best.

Customized Patio Lights

With technological innovation, you can have complete control over your lights. Modern and intelligent controls are available that you can access on your phone and turn on or off your lights. Controlling your lights remotely offers unmatched control and ensures you can switch on or off the lights even when far from your home. There are other innovations, such as motion detectors, that detect infrared waves from nearby objects. When the detector senses any object near the field of view, it will turn on automatically.

Landscaping lighting installation can be problematic since you must consider many essential factors. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we will help streamline the installation process. Our experience, tools, and professionalism ensure your lighting needs are handled appropriately. Our lighting experts inspect your patio and determine the best position and lighting fixtures to suit your needs. Talk to our team today, and let us help you with quality landscape lighting installation in a safe yet affordable way.