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September 01/2023

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy During a Drought

Summer is often associated with drought, especially in areas that receive little rain throughout the year. Drought spells can wreak havoc on your property, which is devastating if you have planted greenery to enhance curb appeal. Atlanta Irrigation Company is a reputable sprinkler repair service that understands the impact of drought on your lawn and recommends solutions to help you maintain a healthy and lush lawn. We have a team of experienced technicians who provide quality services, from irrigation system installation to routine maintenance and repair.

The weather is a force of nature that can't be controlled, so you need all the help you can get to keep your lawn healthy. If you are wondering how to maintain a lush lawn even during a drought, here are some helpful tips recommended by our team of experts.

Continue Mowing

Many property owners usually stop mowing their lawns during a drought. Contrary to popular belief, failing to mow your lawn allows invasive weeds to grow, creating more competition for the little water available. However, the blade should be raised to ensure a substantial amount of grass left to cover the landscape. Mowing with your blade at a lower position can harm the health of your lawn, as it will leave your landscape vulnerable to direct sunlight, increasing the rate of evaporation.

Mulch the Grass Clippings

After mowing your lawn, use the grass clippings as mulch rather than bagging and disposing of them. While putting the grass clippings in a bag is an effective and efficient way to maintain clean premises, during a drought, the grass clippings can prevent moisture loss, giving roots enough time to absorb it. The clippings act as a sponge that soaks in the water and holds the moisture until the grass absorbs it. If your irrigation system is not supplying water effectively to all parts of your landscape, you may consider hiring a sprinkler repair professional for maintenance.

Don't Walk on Your Lawn

Like other living things, grass also feels the stress associated with lack of water, and walking on your lawn stresses the greenery. In addition, during a drought, your lawn is usually more susceptible to harm, and foot traffic can easily result in dead patches or drying grass. Another reason you should avoid walking on your lawn during a drought is to avoid making the soil more compact and restricting the amount of moisture it can hold.

Water During the Mornings and Evenings

If there are no restrictions or water bans in your area, watering your lawn is the way to go. We recommend watering to a depth of half an inch every week, but if your sprinkler can't meet the requirements, it may be time to upgrade your system. Unfortunately, most people lack time to maintain a watering schedule, compromising the overall health of their lawn. We can help you choose a system that meets your lawn's needs and ensure it runs efficiently through routine maintenance.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with our team of experts. We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment, enhancing the quality of irrigation system installation projects and regular maintenance.