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April 26/2023

How to Prepare Your Sprinkler System For Summer

After many months of winter, summer is upon us yet again. This is usually when homeowners rely on their irrigation systems to keep lawns green and healthy. However, many months of winter can take a toll on your irrigation system, and it may need to be more efficient. If you suspect a problem with your system, call a professional sprinkler repair service to address the problem quickly. Atlanta Irrigation Company can dispatch a technician to your premises for inspection and quality repair services. Joint problems may require professional help to prepare for the summer.

Slow Leakage When Sprinklers Are Off

After you turn off the sprinklers, walk around your yard to check for leaking nozzles. This is a common problem after many months of cold temperatures and can become more pronounced if addressed. Leaks require a licensed irrigation technician to handle sprinkler repair and maintenance services. We can determine the severity of the problem and recommend a long-term solution to prevent a recurrence.

The Sprinkler Continues Running After It’s Set to Turn Off.

When one sprinkler continues watering the yard even after all the rest have turned off, it might be a scheduling error with the controller or a mechanical malfunction. You can troubleshoot the system by shutting off the controller to see if it is the source of the problem. If it continues to water the lawn, shut off the primary water source and call a professional repair service. Our technicians leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to inspect, diagnose, and address the problem accordingly.

Underground Water Leak

Sometimes leaks happen beneath the ground, which makes it difficult to pinpoint. Walk around the yard to check for greener grass, puddles, sunken surfaces, or soggy spots. You can also run the system and look for flowing water or bubbling. Underground leaks can run long without detection, wasting hundreds of gallons. Most leaks start small and grow with time, wreaking havoc on your premises. We can help mitigate water damage and high utility costs if you suspect an underground leak. We leverage industry-standard equipment to locate the leak and recommend a viable solution. Severe leaks may require a complete replacement, and our irrigation system installation team ensures everything is running at high performance.

Improper Sprinkler Head Height

A low-positioned sprinkler head can flood the area around your sprinkler, and a high-positioned sprinkler can incur damage from the lawn mower. Luckily, fixing improper sprinkler height is easy and can be performed by inexperienced individuals. Dig out the sprinkler and disconnect it before reconnecting it to a funny pipe or swing joint set at the right height.

Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles

Regularly inspect your irrigation system as it operates, and call a technician if one head doesn’t spray efficiently or appear damaged. Shut off the system and remove the damaged nozzle for rinsing. Once all the debris and dirt are removed, reattach the nozzle, and hopefully, the problem will be fixed. A professional should address any signs of damage to restore optimum function and durability.

If you want to maintain a healthy green lawn this summer, contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with the experts. At competitive rates, we provide various services, such as irrigation system installation, repair, and maintenance services.