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May 10/2023

How to Protect Your Sprinkler from Lawn Pests

After many months of winter, the warmer weather of spring is a welcome change. However, the growth season has various challenges, such as lawn pests. Homeowners are usually eager to start lawn care before the summer goes into full gear, but before testing the sprinkler system, check for signs of pest damage. If you neglect minor signs of deterioration, it can wreak havoc on your system. You may wonder which pests you should worry about and how to protect your sprinkler system. We at Atlanta Irrigation Company have compiled a list of common lawn pests to help you maintain an efficient system all year.

Moles and Voles

Moles and voles are the leading cause of most sprinkler repair calls we receive in spring. Although they look similar, they have different levels of destruction and lifestyles. Moles are subterranean carnivores that feed on grubs, worms, and other insects underground. Significant signs you have moles in your yard include tunnels that damage pipes in your sprinkler system.

Voles are smaller rodents that live in shallow burrows and are less destructive than the latter. They prefer living near surface level, so they don’t dig tunnels. However, voles can still cause severe damage to your irrigation system by chewing through pipes and wires. The best way to prevent such scenarios is to schedule routine maintenance with professional sprinkler repair services.


Groundhogs are rodents that build burrows beneath the ground, interfering with your sprinkler system. You can tell if groundhogs invade your lawn by checking for mounds of soil and large tunnels. A groundhog infestation can cause devastating damage, so you should quickly call a pest control expert. Professionals can inspect, detect, and address the problem to mitigate further damage or the hefty cost of an irrigation system installation job.


Skunks are common in most areas, meaning they’re not likely to damage your sprinkler system. Although skunks may not seem likely pests for damaging your irrigation system, their burrowing habits can cause severe problems if left unchecked. If you notice large, deep holes in your property, call a pest control expert to address the issue before things get out of hand. Installing repellants around your lawn and looking for suspicious holes near your sprinkler system is the most effective way to prevent skunk damage.

Hire a Professional Irrigation Company

While the list of lawn pests that threaten your irrigation equipment is not limited to the ones mentioned, hiring a reputable sprinkler repair service can prevent costly repairs and replacements. When you hire us to conduct irrigation system installation in Sugar Hill, we leverage innovative equipment and extensive experience to address pest damage and other signs of deterioration.

As mentioned, many pests threaten the efficiency and durability of your sprinkler system. If you lack the knowledge and skills needed to deal with lawn pests, it may be time to contact Atlanta Irrigation Company. We can help you by maintaining and repairing your irrigation system this spring. We offer a wide range of services, including irrigation system installation, repair, and replacements, at competitive rates.