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January 06/2023

How to Winterize Your Landscaping 

As the cold season spreads across the country, property owners should prepare their landscapes and ensure everything remains in tip-top condition. Winter weather poses a threat to many landscape elements, including grass, plants, and soil, which are susceptible to damage from snow and ice. Winterizing your landscape goes a long way to ensure it is protected from the wrath of the cold season, keeping your yard in pristine condition throughout the year.

At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we leverage innovative equipment and extensive knowledge to enhance the quality of services. We understand the strain cold weather puts on your landscape, and that’s why we guarantee quality winterizing services. Here are ways to protect your property this winter.

Start with Sprinklers

Before things freeze, we recommend draining your sprinkler system of any excess water. This goes a long way in preventing cracks and leaks when the temperatures drop below freezing. Our sprinkler repair experts can assess your irrigation system to detect, diagnose, and repair any issues before wreaking havoc on your premises. We leverage industry-standard equipment to pinpoint the location of the problem and provide comprehensive sprinkler repair services to mitigate further damage.

Test the PH Levels of Your Soil

If the soil on your premises is too alkaline or acidic, it can negatively affect plant growth. We recommend testing the soil during irrigation installation and maintenance to optimize plant health. If we detect any anomaly in the soil in your yard, we can help restore balance before the cold season takes over completely. Our irrigation installation experts ensure your system is running as expected and your premises remain safe throughout the winter.

Fertilize Your Yard with Caution

Fertilization is an essential winterizing practice to strengthen your roots and protect your greenery from winter hazards. The best tool to apply fertilizer is a spreader, as it ensures we spread everything across the yard without over-fertilizing or risking root damage. It is advisable to work with a landscaping contractor to test your soil to determine nutrient levels. Many plants are dormant during this time of year, and fertilization provides the needed nutrients to help them survive the cold.

Check Lighting Fixtures

Once you’ve hired us to conduct landscape lighting installation, we schedule follow-up inspections to ensure it functions optimally throughout the year. However, the winter comes with its fair share of challenges and may compromise your fixtures’ overall efficiency and function. We can help you maintain your outdoor lighting fixtures, so you don’t have to worry about electrical-related hazards in the dead of winter.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Last, we recommend pruning trees and shrubs in your yard to mitigate injuries and property damage from falling branches. Regular trimming allows you to eliminate damaged limbs or entire trees before causing irreversible damage on your premises. It is essential to hire a certified arborist to handle the heavy lifting for peace of mind and guaranteed professionalism throughout the project.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our team of experts. We guarantee top-quality services like landscape lighting installation and sprinkler repair at competitive market rates.