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Irrigation System Installation in Dunwoody, GA

The secret to a healthy beautiful landscape is taking the guesswork out of watering. Having a properly functioning irrigation system prevents underwatering or overwatering in your landscape and helps to conserve water. If you’re looking to install an irrigation system in your Dunwoody, GA home or commercial property, it’s important to work with dependable and experienced "irrigation system installers near me." At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we provide reliable and cost-effective irrigation system installation in Dunwoody, GA, and the nearby areas. We also provide sprinkler repair in Dunwoody and irrigation system replacement.

Irrigation System Repair in Dunwoody, GA

The slightest problem with an irrigation system can lead to many problems including wasted water and dry patches. If your irrigation system is not in good working order, it’s advisable to look for an irrigation system repair service and have the problem fixed.

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repairs

  • High Water Bill: If your water bills are unusually high, you should have an experienced irrigation system company check your irrigation system. You could have a leak that is running up your water bills.
  • Change in Water Pressure: If you notice your sprinkler has too much pressure or too little pressure, you’ll need irrigation repair services to make sure it works properly.
  • Uneven Watering: A properly functioning irrigation system should sprinkle water uniformly. Uneven watering can leave one part of your lawn dry while another part with soggy spots. This problem could be caused by leaky valves or obstructed sprinkler heads.
  • Stuck Sprinkler Head: A sprinkler head may fail to pop up when the system is turned on due to dirt build-up or low water pressure.
  • Dripping Control Valves: Control valves regulate the flow of water in each area of your lawn. If you notice any leakages, you should look for irrigation repair in Dunwoody and have your irrigation system checked.

If you notice any of these warning signs of irrigation system trouble, contact a dependable irrigation system company in Dunwoody, GA to make repairs. Ignoring irrigation system problems will only lead to high water bills and costly repairs and replacements.

Sprinkler Replacement in Dunwoody, GA

Is your irrigation system older than 20 years old? Is your irrigation outdated and you’re looking to upgrade it Are you making frequent irrigation system repairs? If so, these are indications that it’s time to replace your irrigation system. You can expect an irrigation system to last for upwards of 20 years, as long as it’s maintained properly. However, you’ll have to replace your irrigation system at some point because it won’t last forever. If you’re located in Dunwoody, GA, and need irrigation system replacement in your home or commercial property, you can rely on Atlanta Irrigation Company.

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If you’ve been searching for reliable sprinkler installation in Dunwoody, look no further than Atlanta Irrigation Company. Whether you’re in need of sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, or irrigation system replacement in Dunwoody, you can count on Atlanta Irrigation Company to provide you with reliable services. Our irrigation system installers have the technical know-how, experience, and state-of-the-art tools to get the job done.

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