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February 18/2022

Kid-Friendly Landscaping Tips

If you have children at home or on the property, you should consider designing your landscape in a child-friendly manner. This means ensuring that the kids are protected from harm as they play in the yard and minimizing the risk of damage inflicted by children on the yard. While taking on the task by yourself might seem like a cost-effective solution, working with a professional landscaper can help you turn your yard into a fun, enriching environment for kids and adults alike. That’s where Atlanta Irrigation Company comes in as your go-to landscaping company, guaranteeing exceptional services without compromising on safety.

For your landscape to be kid-friendly, you need to focus on making your compound appealing, enjoyable and functional. We can help you achieve this by following these landscaping design tips that work for the whole family. Our highly-trained and experienced landscaper will focus on the minor aspects that have the most significant impact, including aesthetics, safety, function, and feel.

Fence Your Pool

Most local authorities require residents to fence their pools if their children are young and have them removed once they’ve grown. A professional landscaper can help account for current and future changes, designing a flexible hardscaping for your pool area. Failure to develop a well-designed plan that accommodates these changes can lead to costly landscaping costs in the future and damage to your yard. Whether you have a pool or considering building one, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you make it safer for anyone around.

Fence Your Yard

Kids are unpredictable and can bolt at the slightest opportunity. Since you don’t want your kids roaming in the streets, a landscaping company can help you install a child-friendly fence and ensure that the gate handles are far from children’s reach. You need to make safety considerations, like ensuring the gaps in your fence don’t exceed four centimeters to prevent limbs and heads from getting stuck. A well installed fence goes a long way in enhancing the kid-friendly nature of your yard, which is yet another reason to work with a reputable and reliable landscaping company.

Keep Play Spaces in View

Most incidents that involve children in the yard happen away from adult view, which should not be the case. Children’s play areas should be visible from inside the house or outdoor relaxation areas to minimize the risk of yard-related incidents. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we can design your landscape so that the play area is easily visible from standard living rooms so that children can flow between kid and adult zones.

Let the Children Take Part in Designing

It would help if you involved the children by asking them what they like and bringing them into the building process. Nobody wants to put in time and resources in a landscaping project, only to have most of the playscapes go unused. Atlanta Irrigation Company has years of experience when it comes to kid-friendly landscaping designs, guaranteeing you top-notch services that exceed your expectations.

Suppose you would like to change your landscape design and make it more friendly to children. In that case, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you achieve that without compromising on aesthetics. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our professional team.