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Have you noticed that your lawn floods when it's just rained? You might need to control water runoff or raise the soil. Poorly drained yards can lead to nutritional deficiencies, erosion, and other significant problems, so don't leave things unchecked! Get your drainage troubles under control before it undermines your landscaping efforts. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we offer high-quality services for property owners, including landscape drainage installation, landscape drainage repair, and landscape drainage replacement in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding communities. Our team thrives on finding solutions for our clients that help them revitalize the quality and health of their soil and grass. Here are some ways that can help you prevent drainage trouble.

Why Should Property Invest in Landscape Drainage Installation in Atlanta, GA? 

After a hard rain, you may notice that water stays on the ground for hours or even days. This can be frustrating because it may look like there is standing water in your yard. It could also lead to mosquitoes, weeds, and algae blooms. Properties with poor drainage can also experience power outages and flooding. There are many reasons for water drainage issues in your yard. It could be due to the slope of your yard, the height of the grass, or even if there are any obstructions that are causing water to pool. It's important to be mindful that if it rains heavily, you will have issues with drainage at some point or another.

Are There Ways That Homeowners and Businesses Can Improve Water Drainage?

Drainage problems are a common issue but can still be extremely frustrating to deal with. Thankfully, there are solutions. One easy way is to pay attention to your watering schedule - if you're already dealing with flooded areas of your lawn, the first step would be to change your watering frequency or check for clogged drains that could be causing the overflow. You can also examine the condition of your downspouts. If they have been damaged, water may pool in the surrounding soil as it hits the ground. However, if your drainage issues are coming from uneven soil levels and landscaping issues, you might need to install a rain garden, swale, or drainage system to direct the water's flow better. Investing in a landscape drainage installation in Atlanta is the perfect way to ensure that your property remains safe from long term damage.

The Benefits of Professional Landscape Drainage Installation in Atlanta, GA

A well-designed garden is not only pleasing to the eye but also functions properly. For this reason, professional landscape drainage installation is an essential aspect of landscape design. Some of the benefits of a professional landscape drainage installation are:

  • The prevention of flood damage
  • Flexible design solutions
  • Preventing erosion

We Also Offer Landscape Drainage Repair and Landscape Drainage Replacement in Atlanta

Do you already have a drainage system, but it has stopped performing its role correctly? You may need to redesign your landscape. Our team of professionals can create a customized solution that is sure to fit your needs. In addition to our new drainage installations, we also provide landscape drainage replacement and landscape drainage repair in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby cities.

Do You Need Landscape Drainage Installation or Landscape Drainage Repair in Atlanta, GA? 

Are you looking for a company that can offer professional lawn drainage installation or landscape drainage repair in Atlanta, GA? If so, call us today. We are available for all your water management needs and will also promptly repair the damage to your landscape caused by stagnant water weakening the soil's structure. For more information, call our office today.

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