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Landscape Lighting Installation in Alpharetta, GA

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way of improving the quality and function of your premises. However, there are factors to consider before proceeding with landscape lighting installation in Alpharetta. Atlanta Irrigation Company has experienced and well-trained technicians who can help enhance the aesthetics of your exterior through top-notch outdoor lighting recommendations that suit your style and purpose. Creating ambience is all about the type of lighting, hence the need to consult a professional landscape lighting repair service for advice and guidance. Let’s look at some factors to consider before choosing the ideal landscape lighting for your premises.

Ambient, Task, and Accent

When you need a professional landscape lighting installation or an upgrade, you must incorporate the three basic types of lighting: accent, task, and ambient. Ambient lighting is achieved through posts, hanging, and wall lights. Accent lighting is achieved through the use of spotlights and landscape kits. Last, task outdoor lighting includes pathway lights, security and deck lights. Our expert outdoor lighting installer in Alpharetta can recommend the lighting solution based on your needs. We also provide quality landscape lighting replacement for damaged or old fixtures.


Before you shop for landscape lighting solutions, it is advisable to figure out how much lighting you need. This involves calculations that can be challenging for inexperienced individuals. Hiring an experienced outdoor installer in Alpharetta helps ease the rigorous process and guarantees quality lighting. If you skip this vital step, you will probably incur extra costs associated with frequent landscape lighting repair projects.

Outdoor Lighting Installer in Alpharetta


When choosing fixtures, it is always essential to plan. Observe the space you want to improve and take measurements to ensure you select the right fixtures. Many property owners often need to pay more attention to the purchase and end up with fixtures that are too large- or small-scale. You can avoid all the hassle by hiring a trusted service provider for quality landscape lighting installation in Alpharetta. We go the extra mile to conduct research and ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.


We highly recommended LED fixtures for homeowners constantly dealing with landscape lighting repair in Alpharetta. These modern lighting solutions are more energy-efficient than conventional lighting and last longer, so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs and replacements. We can ensure the entire landscape lighting replacement process is conducted correctly for enhanced durability and efficiency.


A common reason for landscape lighting installation is security. Our outdoor lighting installer in Alpharetta can help provide ambience, and strategically place fixtures in your premises to enhance security and function. Use our experience to improve safety by adding fixtures to illuminate the sides of your home in the shadows with spotlights or wall lanterns at windows, side doors, and garages.

These are critical factors to consider if you plan to improve your outdoor spaces with lighting fixtures. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our representatives to enjoy exceptional services at competitive rates. From landscape lighting repair in Alpharetta to maintenance, we can handle everything to improve the aesthetics and ambience of your premises.

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