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Landscape Lighting Installation in Chamblee, GA

Landscape lighting adds necessary illumination to various areas in your lawn. In addition, they are exciting accessories that enhance curb appeal and the overall aesthetics of your home. Like most fixtures, outdoor lighting requires regular maintenance to remain functional and safe. When fixtures show wear and tear, or trouble with connections, knowing the signs can prevent unplanned landscape lighting repair or replacement expenses.

If you suspect a problem with your landscape lighting, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and experience, guaranteeing quality landscape lighting repair in Chamblee. Here’s how to know you need lighting repairs.


Damaged switch contacts, loose wiring, or an issue with the socket cause flickering bulbs. A professional outdoor lighting installer in Chamblee can assess, detect, and address the problem before it becomes more pronounced. While it may not be a significant cause for concern, flickering bulbs can signify a more severe underlying problem. Regular landscape lighting repair and maintenance ensures minor signs of deterioration are addressed in time.

Frequent Burnouts

Premature bulb burnouts are often the reason for landscape lighting repair in Chamblee. When constantly replacing your bulbs, there are a few places to check; loose wiring or an incomplete current caused by incompatible bulbs and lamps. Burnouts are inconvenient and frustrating, and delaying repairs can lead to severe damage and expensive landscape lighting replacement. It also increases the risk of electrical and safety hazards. Routine inspections by a certified outdoor lighting installer in Chamblee ensure such issues are rectified before things get out of hand.

Landscape Lighting Repair in Chamblee, GA

Brittle Wiring

Wiring is bound to become more brittle with time. The heat used when you turn on the lights and fraying insulation lead to brittleness, compromising the efficiency and safety of your landscape lighting fixtures. A professional should inspect old chandeliers and lamps to determine the severity of wear and recommend a suitable solution to restore function and durability. Brittle wiring is not easily detected, and you may stare at a costly landscape lighting replacement project in the future.

Frayed Fabric Wires

Homes built in the 1960s used fabric cloth wiring with frayed components. If the fabric insulation around the wiring is damaged, consider an upgrade. We leverage industry-standard equipment to provide quality landscape lighting installation in Chamblee. Although fabric wiring in good shape doesn’t pose a risk, it is crucial to update your system to meet the electrical needs of modern appliances.

Damaged Cords

Damaged cords can result from improper landscape lighting installation, leading to electrocution or, worse, a fire. We can inspect your wiring for signs of wear or missing insulation and repair the problem as soon as possible. When you hire us for Chamblee’s landscape lighting installation, we guarantee exceptional services.

These are some signs to look out for if you want efficient and durable outdoor lighting fixtures. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with the experts. We offer top-notch landscape lighting installation in Chamblee at pocket-friendly rates.

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