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Landscape Lighting Installation in Duluth, GA

Homeowners put a lot of time and effort into making their indoor spaces as comfortable as possible. However, outdoor spaces are often an afterthought that should be different. As Duluth’s leading landscape lighting installation service, we can transform your yard into a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends to relax.

At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we understand the importance of styling your home’s exterior to meet functional and aesthetic requirements. Landscape lighting is one of the most decorative elements you can leverage, and our professional outdoor lighting installer in Duluth can help you choose lights for your home. If you require landscape lighting installation in Duluth, here are factors to help you make the right choice.


Landscape lighting fixtures usually feature a metallic construction, but not all metal fixtures are similar. We recommend consulting an outdoor lighting installer in Duluth to help you choose a suitable metal fixture. Aluminum is popular among homeowners on a tight budget because of its durability and affordability. In addition, it is dust- and rust-resistant, reducing the frequency of landscape lighting repair calls. Before buying an aluminum, or a stainless steel fixture, consult an expert to ensure you get lasting fixtures.


The size of outdoor lighting fixtures is another crucial factor homeowners should consider before a landscape lighting replacement. Large fixtures bring more light to your outdoor spaces, taking away the attention from your dwelling. We can help you choose a lighting fixture size that blends perfectly with other elements in your yard. If the fixtures in your yard block the doorway or affect functionality, consider choosing lights that cover particular areas sufficiently. A great example is floodlights to illuminate the lawn.

Landscape Lighting Repair in Duluth, GA

Intended Location

There are three locations for landscape lighting installation in Duluth: damp, dry, and wet. With that in mind, distinguishing between moist-, dry-, and wet-rated lights is critical to ensuring safe landscape lighting installation. Dry-rated outdoor lighting fixtures are preferred for areas protected from dampness, like covered patios.

Damp-rated lights are best suited for areas without direct water, rain, or snow exposure. Such locations include an outdoor kitchen and outside the bathroom window. Wet-rated lights can withstand stormy weather, harsh breezes, and heavy rains, making them ideal for exposed areas. If you constantly need landscape lighting repair services, you have installed lights in the wrong location.


There are many types of outdoor lighting options on the market, hence the need to consult a professional. It can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for, and you may stare at landscape lighting repair in Duluth. Some commonly used outdoor lights include posts, walls, hanging, and landscape lighting. We work with you to ensure quality landscape lighting replacement, and the right fixtures are installed, enhancing color and style.

We are committed to helping you find the best outdoor lighting fixtures, guaranteed to enhance function and aesthetic appeal. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our experienced technicians. At competitive rates, you can rely on our experience and expertise for top-quality landscape lighting repair in Duluth.

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