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Landscape Lighting Installation in Loganville, GA

It would be best to incorporate modern lighting fixtures to achieve a striking and safe landscape. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we install high-quality lighting fixtures to boost the ambiance of your garden at night. The lights we install ensure you can hold parties or even swim at night. Boosting the security of your home at night starts with the installation of landscape lighting. The landscape lighting installation services we offer help enhance the unique features in your garden. Our outdoor lighting installer in Loganville offers many alternatives to you. Some options you should consider for your property include:

Security Lighting Options

Security lighting options mostly target burglars or animals. The lights have a higher voltage, so they can properly illuminate wider areas and scare away intruders. If you want to boost the security of your home, consider the motion-sensor floodlights that sense when there is any movement in your property. If your fixtures are not functioning as expected, you can count on us for quality landscape lighting repair in Loganville.

String Lighting

The string lighting is a low voltage option that helps bring out unique vibrancy in your home. They help offer an elegant touch to an outdoor party. These special string lights are the best if you are looking for a romantic ambiance at night. Our outdoor lighting services ensure you select the best lights to transform the beauty of your party.

Landscape Lighting Replacement in Loganville, GA

Wall Lighting

The landscape lighting fixtures for your outdoor area are robust and stylish. They are low-voltage lights, and you can select from a variety of styles to complement the exterior of your exterior. You can mount them on a variety of vertical surfaces in your garden, or hire us for top-quality landscape lighting installation in Loganville.

Path Lighting 

Path lighting helps to avoid trampling or tripping at night. They help ensure safety for you and your pets at night. Consider placing the path lights on localized spots. You can also install them on both walkways to enhance security. If you want to highlight features such as fountains and flowers, you can place them next to them to enhance their contours. Low-voltage lights are the best for path lighting. We offer landscape lighting installation in Loganville and help have effective path lighting.


Garden lights are decorative and stylish. They create a magical space with a warm glow. You can place them in your garden, balcony, or terrace. They are perfect for lighting the staircase or walkway. Lanterns that have a translucent look provide glare-free lighting for your home. Our outdoor lighting installer in Loganville can recommend the best way to place the lanterns.

Spot Lighting

The spotlighting or the uplighting is a great option for landscape lighting replacement fixtures that can support many beam widths or bulbs. The lighting strategy is when the fixture is shown upwards on an object. You can use angled light fixtures to achieve that. If you have existing spot lighting fixtures in your home, we also offer landscape lighting repair in Loganville.

At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we offer landscape lighting installation, landscape lighting repair, and landscape lighting replacement services in Loganville. Our expertise ensures we cater to your outdoor lighting needs. Ensure you contact us and request to speak to our experienced lighting installers to enjoy quality landscape lighting repair at competitive rates.

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