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Landscape Lighting Installation in Sandy Springs, GA

So you are considering a DIY landscape lighting installation project? You may add a nighttime ambiance or improve security. While taking matters into your own hands is a proactive and commendable approach, it is advisable to consult an outdoor lighting installer in Sandy Springs. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, strategically placed landscape lighting fixtures improve your property’s visual appeal and safety.

When you hire our landscape lighting installation technicians, you leverage our extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Although DIY projects seem like a cost-effective alternative, the slightest mistake can cause significant damage. We understand homeowners enjoy engaging in DIY outdoor lighting projects, but you need to be cautious when dealing with electricity. Here are reasons to refrain from DIY landscape lighting installation in Sandy Springs.

Installing the Wrong Type of Fixture

A common mistake DIYers make during landscape lighting installation projects is choosing the wrong fixtures. It is essential to ensure the lighting fixtures are rated for outdoor use, mitigating possible malfunctions and safety hazards in the future. If you make a mistake in the initial stages of installation, you risk frequent calls for landscape lighting repair in Sandy Springs. The best way to prevent such issues is to hire a professional outdoor lighting installer in Sandy Springs.

Fire Hazard

As mentioned, dealing with electricity requires experience and skills to prevent rookie mistakes that compromise the safety of your household. Even if it is a simple landscape lighting replacement or repair job, the slightest miscalculation can cause everything to go up in flames. Working with a licensed outdoor lighting technician ensures everything is properly installed to minimize the fire risk. The last thing you want is a DIY landscape lighting repair job to take a turn for the worst without a professional on hand.

Failing to Install Outlet Covers

Safety is vital in any landscape lighting installation project. Many homeowners who take on landscape lighting installation in Sandy Springs often need to remember to install outlet covers. If a receptacle is near water sources, it poses significant safety hazards to anyone around. We recommend installing outlet covers to protect plugged-in lights and the receptacle when it’s not in use. Failing to install outlet covers causes costly landscape lighting repair in Sandy Springs.

Installing the Wrong Receptacle

Another downside to DIY outdoor lighting installations is using the wrong receptacles suited for landscape fixtures. Many environmental elements threaten your receptacles, including water and debris. If the wrong receptacles are installed, you may stare at malfunctions and high landscape lighting repair costs. With all the different receptacles in the market, we can help you choose the most suited for your home.

Lacking GFCI Protection

Last, DIYers don’t follow the National Electric Code, which states all outdoor lighting receptacles must have GFCI protection. If you don’t install this type of outlet, you put your safety and the integrity of your wiring at risk. We can assess and conduct quality landscape lighting replacement to ensure your system goes the distance.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with the leading landscape lighting technicians in Sandy Springs. We guarantee exceptional services like landscape lighting replacement and repair at competitive market rates.

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