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Landscape Lighting Installation in Stone Mountain, GA

A well-designed landscape lighting scheme does more than bring your yard to life. It enhances the safety of your premises, extending your living space and increasing property value. If you have a landscape lighting installation or repair project lined up in Stone Mountain, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help make it a success. We focus on the most critical factors, such as safety, to ensure you make the most of your investment. While there are many benefits to landscape lighting installation and maintenance, safety is at the top of the list. Here are outdoor lighting safety tips for your installation.

Use Water-Proof Rated Outdoor Transformers

At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we recommend low-voltage features for landscape lighting installation in Stone Mountain. DIYers should opt for the 12v fixtures, meaning you can handle all the work without a professional electrician. However, if you are a first-time outdoor lighting installer in Stone Mountain, work with a reputable landscape lighting service.

We can help you select waterproof and precise transformers to power your fixtures throughout the year. Even if your outdoor lighting fixtures function without a transformer, you risk electrocution and significant property damage. With all the different transformers on the market, our experts can ensure your landscape lighting needs are met.

Landscape Lighting Repair in Stone Mountain, GA

Don’t Overload the Circuit

A common mistake homeowners make during landscape lighting replacement or installation projects is overloading the circuit. It would help if you accounted for everything you are powering besides outdoor lighting fixtures. This may include kitchen appliances, sound systems, and other appliances that draw power from the circuit. An overloaded circuit constantly trips the breaker, resulting in frequent landscape lighting repair calls. Failing to address the problem increases safety hazards in your home, hence the need to distribute the electrical load of your lights with another circuit.

Choose the Right Lightbulbs

This is a straightforward safety tip, but vital before landscape lighting installation in Stone Mountain. There are two basic rules for choosing lights for your garden: ensure the lights you buy are suited for outdoor spaces and don’t insert a bulb that exceeds the wattage of your fixture. Many homeowners often require landscape lighting repair or replacement because they choose the wrong bulbs and damage their fixtures and other electrical components like wiring. When you hire us for landscape lighting repair in Stone Mountain, we assess your entire system and lightbulbs, ensuring everything is in tip-top condition.

Insert Lights and Power Cables First

As we say goodbye to winter, it is time for homeowners to remove their landscape lighting supplies from storage. It is essential to check for signs of wear before plugging in. If you suspect a problem with your fixtures, we are the go-to service for landscape lighting repair in Stone Mountain. The last thing you want is a loose connection, fray cables, cracked fixtures, or burn marks. If you encounter any of these signs of deterioration, hire a professional landscape lighting replacement technician.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with an experienced outdoor lighting installer in Stone Mountain. We leverage extensive industry expertise and knowledge to guarantee clients exceptional services at competitive market rates.

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