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Landscape Lighting Installation in Sugar Hill, GA

Many residents in Sugar Hill are spending more money and time in their gardens than ever before, with 74% of homeowners focusing on outdoor lighting. Safety is vital when you want ambient landscape lighting or a fence fixture. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, landscape design is incomplete without strategically installed outdoor lighting fixtures.

If you want to enhance your backyard’s aesthetics, function, and safety, you may hire an experienced outdoor lighting installer in Sugar Hill. We use state-of-the-art equipment and proven strategies to guarantee top-notch landscape lighting installation and maintenance. Let’s look at safety tips to consider for your next landscape lighting installation in Sugar Hill.

Use GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuits interrupters (GFCI) are mandatory in most states and protect your home from electrical hazards. We recommend GFCI outlets where your lighting fixtures, like your garage, bathroom, kitchen, and backyard, could be exposed to water. The possibility of rain poses significant safety concerns for unprotected landscape lighting fixtures, hence the need to upgrade to more efficient and safe GFCI outlets. Our experienced outdoor lighting installer in Sugar Hill ensures you use IP-rated products, reducing the risk of incurring high and frequent landscape lighting repair costs.

Choose the Right Lightbulbs

This is a straightforward tip, but very crucial. Even with GFCI outlets, using the wrong lightbulbs can compromise the safety of your premises. Many lightbulb companies are on the market, and it can be challenging for an inexperienced individual to select the most appropriate one. When you hire us for landscape lighting installation in Sugar Hill, we follow two rules to confirm the safety of your lighting: check outdoor rated bulbs, and the recommended wattage for your fixtures. Choosing the right bulbs can be the difference between costly landscape lighting replacement and minor repairs.

Switch Off Lighting When Not in Use

Another essential safety tip is switching off your lights when leaving the house or going inside. It serves as a safety precaution and prevents overheating, reduces energy use, and saves money. Since landscape lighting fixtures are constantly exposed to the elements, using them frequently increases the risk of damage. Even with GFCI outlets, leaving lights on for a long time can cause an electrical fault, prompting landscape lighting repair in Sugar Hill. If you constantly need landscape lighting repair in Sugar Hill, consider turning the lights off when not in use.

Don’t Overload the Circuit

Technological advancements over the past decade have increased our reliance on electrical-powered appliances in and outside our homes. Homeowners must know everything that is plugged in outside. An overloaded circuit can trip the breaker, causing underlying damage that results in unplanned landscape lighting replacement projects and subsequent costs. You can avoid such issues by working with a trusted landscape lighting installation service to distribute the electrical load to several circuits.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and talk to our representatives about maintaining safe outdoor lighting. We offer various services, from landscape lighting repair to routine inspections and maintenance, without breaking the bank.

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