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June 14/2023

Landscape Lighting on a Budget

If you are a property owner looking to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape, then landscape lighting is an excellent solution. While no person wants to pay a higher utility bill, the professionals at Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you get started without breaking the bank. There are several things to consider before hiring an expert for landscape lighting installation; to ensure your goal is achieved. Whether you aim at security, safety, or visual appeal, we can design your lighting to serve various purposes. Here are some of the things to consider before installing outdoor lighting.

Figure Out Your Budget

If you consider turning landscape lighting installation into a DIY project, you risk spending more than intended. Your budget can help you know how much you're willing to pay for the project. It would help if you considered factors that impact cost, like fixture type, complexity, and job size, to help you make informed financial decisions. We can help you establish a budget to save you from financial stress and headaches.

Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

Once you have established your budget, you need to ask yourself: "what is the purpose of lighting?" And "what is most important?" Whether you want to install accent lighting to emphasize various features or add a level of safety and security to your home, you must communicate with your designer. This is the only way to gain a professional perspective, helping you understand what to expect with your set budget.

Security and Safety

Working with a professional goes a long way in ensuring potential intruders are deterred from entering your property and keeping your loved ones and valuables safe. We take the time to assess your home before lighting installation, illuminating dark pockets that pose a security risk. If your goal is to enhance safety and security, we can customize a lighting design that allows you to move freely around your property.

Visual Appeal

Homeowners aiming for visual appeal with landscape lighting have an array of lighting techniques to choose from based on their home's architecture. If you want to showcase various features on your landscape, such as garden accents or water features, then you need accent lighting. If you have a lush lawn with beautiful trees, you can accentuate and highlight them using uplighting or downlighting. If your home has breathtaking architecture and wants to highlight various elements and create depth, we recommend wash or wall lighting.

Landscape lighting installation on a budget call for prioritizing your wants and needs, planning a reasonable budget amount, and communicating freely with your outdoor lighting designer to actualize your desired goals. These are crucial factors that can help you stay within the budget without compromising your finances.

Are you need landscape lighting but don't know where to start? Don't risk searching online for a landscape light installation company near me. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company, and schedule a consultation with the experts. We aim to provide elegantly designed lighting solutions at a pocket-friendly rate.