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May 24/2023

Low-Voltage vs. Line-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Do you have a landscape lighting project lined up? If so, you might have questions about the type of fixtures to use. Most property owners choose line voltage or low-voltage lighting, but it is crucial to understand the difference before deciding. Whether the landscape lighting installation is in your home or workplace, Atlanta Irrigation Company can ensure you know the distinction between the two types of lighting options and how they address your landscaping needs. While it is common for handy individuals to attempt DIY installations, you need the right equipment and skills to avoid safety hazards and costly landscape lighting replacement emergencies.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting refers to outdoor fixtures that use transformers to reduce the amount of voltage. This means the voltage moving through the lines in your yard is not the same as the voltage coming from the electrical outlets when plugged in. This is an excellent option for homeowners, as it eliminates electrical hazards like electrocution or fires.

Benefits of Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

The major benefit of this type of lighting is cost-effectiveness and easy installation. Although these are attractive attributes for home and business owners, it is advisable to consult a professional technician. If you frequently require landscape lighting repair services or live in an area with tripping hazards, we recommend installing low-voltage lights.

The reduced voltage makes operating in wet locations or conditions safer, so you can install these fixtures near ponds, pools, or irrigation systems. In addition, homes with children and pets should consider low-voltage lighting to optimize safety even if they touch the lights. You don’t have to worry about hot fixtures or exposed lines burning and electrocuting them, respectively.

Another benefit of low-voltage landscape lighting is the many elegant designs you can install to enhance curb appeal. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading low-voltage fixtures, ensuring you have access to a vast range of top-tier products for a home improvement project. These fixtures can make a statement without breaking the bank or risking inefficiencies.

Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

Line voltage outdoor lighting is more expensive than the latter and is often used in commercial, security, and public areas. Landscape lighting installation in Lawrenceville is more rigorous and time-consuming, and DIYers consider hiring a professional technician. The high current poses an electrocution risk, since line voltage fixtures don’t require a transformer. We address this safety concern by placing the 120V cables between the lights in the conduit. This is an excellent way to protect the system from water and subsequent safety and fire hazards.

Considerations for Line Voltage Lighting

Before installing line voltage lighting, the most significant consideration is the added cost of hiring an electrician. The connections should be waterproof to prevent electrocutions, system damage, and premature landscape lighting replacement projects. The installation process is also tedious since trenches must be dug before burying the cables.

There’s more work and maintenance with line voltage than low-voltage landscape lighting, and that’s why you should onboard an expert. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company to leverage our experience and knowledge, ensuring you invest in the right fixtures for your outdoor spaces. We provide a wide range of services, including routine landscape lighting repair and maintenance inspections, at competitive rates.