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June 22/2023

Reasons to Get a Quality Sprinkler System

Proper irrigation is one of the surest and easiest ways to enhance the quality of your yard, and Atlanta Irrigation Company can help. Maintaining a healthy and lush landscape is not easy, but with an efficient and functioning sprinkler, you are off to a good start. With all the different types of irrigation systems in the market, it can be difficult for property owners to narrow down suitable options. However, consulting an expert allows you to leverage their extensive industry knowledge, protecting you from hefty sprinkler repair costs. Here are some of the benefits of installing a quality automated sprinkler system.

Avoid Rigorous and Time-Consuming Watering Routines

A recent survey conducted by American Time discovered that most Americans spend more than 70 hours on lawn care and maintenance. This usually involves constantly dragging out the hose to set up the sprinkler system and moving it around to ensure all the parts of the lawn get sufficient water. Homeowners repeat this tedious process until they break the routine, compromising the health of your plants. The solution hires a reputable service provider for professional automated irrigation system installation and maintenance. We can ensure everything is in perfect working condition, alleviating unnecessary hose dragging.

Eliminate Over and Under-Watering

With a traditional sprinkler system, it is difficult to determine the precise amount of water your lawn is getting. The last thing you want is a flooded lawn or water running down a slope towards your foundation. Our team of experts considers the different types of plants in your backyard and other vital factors to ensure your automated sprinkler is adjusted to meet the landscape's unique needs.

Modern systems eliminate discrepancies of hose and sprinkler like over and under-watering by adequately and evenly watering your yard. This protects you from high utility bills because you can set the timer to turn on at a particular time and turn it off after watering for a certain duration. You no longer have to worry about soggy patches or dead spots.

Pocket-Friendly and Eco-Friendly

Over the past decade, sprinkler technology has made wastage of water a thing of the past, improving the environment simultaneously. Smart irrigation system controllers provide enhanced control and monitoring, allowing you to keep watch of the amount of water each zone in your yard receives. Most of these systems are connected to the internet and can be adjusted by various devices from any offsite location.

Boost Your Property Value

There are two ways an automated irrigation system can improve the value of your property: curb appeal and an exceptional selling point when considering available amenities. These are some of the most critical aspects to focus on that impact property value. We can help you grow property value through top-notch irrigation system installation and maintenance. If you are looking to put your property on the market, a lush, appealing lawn can get you the offer you are looking for in today's market.

Call the irrigation professionals at Atlanta Irrigation Company, and schedule a consultation with our technicians. We guarantee exceptional services and quality maintenance at competitive market prices.