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May 17/2023

Should You Add Color to Your Landscape?

The demand for landscape lighting continues to grow, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. People across the globe can enjoy outdoor spaces, which entail landscape lighting installation projects. The industry has grown from simple garden lights to a vast range of products that address specific elements of a contemporary landscape. Whether water features, walkways, hardscapes, or patios, Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you choose the right lighting fixture that saves time and money in the long run. If you want to add color to your landscape, here are several tips to get started.

Black is Back

This predominant fixture color is in the bronze family, often a darker brown that blends with the outdoor space. Many homeowners prefer the black-and-white theme on things like the house trim. Consumers want landscape lighting fixtures to blend with their homes, and black or gray fixtures are ideal for paths, accents, fixtures, hardscape fixtures, and wall wash. While black is back, it is not the traditional finish that was big 25 years ago. When you schedule landscape lighting installation in Lawrenceville, we recommend a black texture which looks good and is durable rather than a glossy black.

Colored Lighting Add Character

Many people prefer to look for a change in lighting color themselves to light up facets and the overall architecture. Technological advancements in the lighting industry have prompted manufacturers to offer more color-based options, which can be challenging for inexperienced individuals to choose the right fixtures. We can help you install suitable lighting for sports, the holidays, and many more. In addition, our experts provide pertinent information on ways to use color lighting tastefully. The perfect lighting adds more than color to your property and character.

Connected System Offer App-Based Control

Another vital factor to consider before adding color to your landscape is control. As mentioned, the lighting industry has experienced significant technological advancements. Consumers no longer want a lighting system that only turns on and off at a specific time, but want to control groups of fixtures and intensity. Modern fixtures offer enhanced control, allowing homeowners to turn certain lights on or off, add color, and change intensity. Having control beyond a timer also reduces the risk of landscape lighting repair emergencies, as modern systems can pinpoint minor issues before they get out of hand.

Check Your Budget

Good color-changing systems add two to three times the cost of static conventional outdoor lighting systems. When shopping for a color change system design, consider the cost and how often you will use it. You can consult a reputable technician for professional help and guidance, ensuring you choose the best outdoor, color-changing system design. A slight increase in power usage can cost you hundreds of dollars annually, but the right fixture can add color to your landscape without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to install color-changing systems in a residential or commercial setting, Atlanta Irrigation Company can address your lighting needs. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our technicians. We provide various services at competitive rates, including landscape lighting repair and maintenance.