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January 25/2023

The Different Types of Sprinkler Heads

Irrigation installation and regular maintenance are crucial to a lush, appealing yard. However, there are several factors you need to consider before choosing a sprinkler system for your home. The last thing you want is constantly malfunctioning sprinkler heads, leading to under and overwatering issues. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, proper heads minimize flow problems and the amount of maintenance.

When you hire our technicians for irrigation installation services, we take it a notch higher by including a detailed assessment to determine the sprinkler heads your yard needs. If you notice soggy or dry patches on your lawn, it may be time to hire a sprinkler repair and maintenance professional. Here are standard sprinkler heads and their purpose of helping you make an informed purchase.

Fixed Heads

Fixed spay sprinkler heads are the most common type and shoot a constant jet of water within a radius of 15 feet. If you have a small lawn with various shrub areas, we recommend fixed heads to provide the water needed without risking overflow issues. Although these systems are less complex, irrigation installation or repairs should be handled by an expert.

Bubbler/Flood Heads

Flood heads, also known as bubbler sprinkler heads, bring water to a small designated area. The true purpose of this type of head is to soak the ground and foundation, making them perfect for greenery with deep roots. Property owners with trees or shrubs on their premises can improve the quality of their yards by installing flood heads to meet the hydration needs of deep-rooted plants.

Pop-Up Heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are the right choice for you if you want an aesthetically appealing curb. Unlike other types of sprinkler heads above the ground, pop-up heads stay below the surface when not used, popping up when activated. They produce even water distribution, making them ideal for virtually any lawn size. If there’s an uneven distribution of spray, hire a sprinkler repair service to inspect, detect, and address any issues to restore optimal function and efficiency.

Multiple Stream Sprinklers

Multiple stream sprinkler heads shoot out several streams of water, rotating over a wide radius. This design is ideal for expansive lawns and uneven terrain, which can be a problem for other types of sprinkler heads. The changing streams ensure all the areas of your yard get sufficient water without the risk of over- or under-watering.

Shrub Options and Rotary Heads

Shrub sprinklers are attached to extensions or risers, strategically placing them above the plants. The aim is to spray water into a garden area or planter, mimicking the rain. We can help you install shrub sprinklers by strategically placing them across the yard to boost plant growth and curb appeal.

Rotary sprinkler heads produce one stream of water in a rotating motion, delivering water slowly. Lawns that thrive in the extended watering cycle stand to benefit from rotary heads, and we can help with irrigation installation and maintenance.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company to learn more about sprinkler head types from our highly trained representatives. We guarantee quality installation and sprinkler repair services at pocket-friendly rates.