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September 28/2023

Things to Consider When Choosing Landscape Lighting

Providing care and maintenance to your landscape ensures it is pleasing to see and be around. If you want to increase property value and the quality of your landscape, consider irrigation system installation or adding outdoor lighting. There are many landscape lighting systems, and we can help you choose the best option for your home. Atlanta Irrigation Company is an established sprinkler repair service that offers top-notch landscape lighting services. When you schedule a maintenance inspection with our experts, we provide pertinent information to help you make informed decisions. Here are critical factors to consider before investing in an outdoor lighting system.


What do you want to achieve with your outdoor lighting system? Once you have answered this question, the answer to this question will help you optimize the effectiveness of your lights, allowing you to maximize your investment. Our experienced technicians strategically place outdoor lighting to improve the aesthetics of your exterior and garden areas, creating a great impression on all your guests. The ideal lighting solution enhances your outdoor spaces, improving quality and illuminating specific areas for security and peace of mind.

Color, Design & Durability

We recommend choosing a color and design that complements your home’s overall style when choosing exterior lighting. Contemporary fixtures are ideal if you have just moved into a new construction home with a modern architectural design. However, traditional home designs are better complemented with conventional lighting. Regardless of your lighting preferences, quality should always be prioritized. We recommend copper and brass fixtures with thinker-gaged metal, as they endure the outdoor elements. So, avoid cheap alternatives that will require regular repairs.

Light Colors and Intensity

The light brightness and color significantly affect the style and mood you are trying to create. The term used to describe the feel or character of light is Kelvin, where 6,500 Kelvin is bright, and 3,700 Kelvin is a warmer tone. Work with our professional technicians to ensure your choice complements the exterior of your property, whether you are looking to brighten up the place or for decorative purposes.

LED Durability, Cost-Efficiency & Lighting Control

LED lights are the latest trend in the lighting industry, as they offer more control, are cost-effective, and are more durable than halogen lightbulbs. When you upgrade to LED lights, you use ¼ of the power used by conventional bulbs, reducing utility costs without compromising quality. It also provides technological capabilities that enhance control for optimal function and efficiency. You can consult our landscape lighting installation technicians to customize the lighting in specific areas or install lighting controlled remotely from handheld devices.


Another vital factor to consider when choosing landscape lighting is safety. A well-lit home is aesthetically pleasing and reduces the risk of trips and falls caused by inadequate lighting. We can ensure landscape lighting is strategically installed to illuminate all the dark areas, improving the overall safety of the premises.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company to learn more ways you can improve the quality of your property. We offer various services, from irrigation system installation to landscape lighting installation and maintenance. Please schedule an appointment with our experts to get the best rates without compromising quality.