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August 10/2023

Tips for Making Your Irrigation System Work Efficiently

Lawn care and maintenance are difficult, especially if you experience frequent sprinkler repair emergencies. While modern irrigation systems make life easier, these systems are susceptible to wear with time. The best way to ensure everything is in tip-top condition is to schedule routine inspections with a trusted technician, ensuring your lawn is a green and healthy year long. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we use extensive experience and proven strategies to inspect, diagnose, and address issues before things get out of hand. While some telltale signs of deterioration are minor, delaying maintenance inspections and sprinkler repair can cause devastating effects. Here are tips to ensure your system functions efficiently.

Inspect the Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are vital components of your system. When you notice a problem with water distribution, there may be damage or leaks, causing water wastage and high utility costs. The best way to mitigate such scenarios is to schedule routine inspections with an expert to ensure the sprinkler heads function as expected. In case of severe damage, we can recommend a replacement to prevent inefficiencies and a recurrence. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee in-depth inspection and quality irrigation system installation services.

Adjust the Watering Schedule

There are several factors that affect your lawn’s watering schedule, such as soil type, weather, and plant type. Many property owners waste a lot of water and money because of their watering schedule. Besides taking a sizeable chunk of your finances in the long run, the wrong watering schedule can compromise the health of your greenery. Luckily, modern systems have a controller which allows you to adjust the schedule to address watering needs. We recommend saturating the soil early in the morning when transpiration is low so the water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Clean Filters and Valves Regularly

Filters and valves play a vital role in the overall function of your system. If you ignore these components, they can clog and lower water pressure. If you notice the water from your sprinklers is not reaching all the desired areas, it may be time to schedule professional cleaning. These components accumulate dirt and debris with time, affecting the efficiency and performance of your irrigation system.

Keep Your Sprinkler Free from Debris

As mentioned, it is common for sprinkler systems to build up debris with time. This not only affects functioning but also reduces the unit’s lifespan. While debris may not raise concerns initially, delaying maintenance can cause irreversible damage and costly sprinkler repair or replacement services. Check the system regularly for debris, grass clipping, or twigs to ensure uniform water distribution. You can achieve this by routine yard trimming and clearing debris to keep everything neat.

Homeowners can conduct DIY sprinkler maintenance, but it can only cause further damage with the expertise needed. Hiring a professional for irrigation system installation gives you peace of mind knowing everything is in good condition. In addition, certified irrigation technicians schedule follow-up inspections to address minor underlying issues quickly. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and talk to our expert technicians. We provide quality services at competitive rates, such as installation, repair, and maintenance.