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May 18/2023

Top Reasons To Hire A Lawn Sprinkler Installation Professional

Irrigation system installation is a task that should be performed by a professional, especially when dealing with automatic watering systems. While most people prefer to watch several online videos or read the process before attempting a DIY project, that is not a substitute for the years of training and experience a sprinkler repair company offers. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we aim to ensure you maintain a healthy and lush lawn by providing customized irrigation solutions suited for you.

Automatic sprinklers require a lot of expertise when installing them, and any miscalculation or poor installation can lead to significant damage. The internet might be a good resource for information, but it doesn't help teach you to customize an effective irrigation system. Here are some of the reasons to hire a lawn sprinkler installation professional.

Water Pressure

If you are looking to install an in-ground sprinkler, there are a lot of factors to consider to avoid unnecessary damages and inefficiencies. A professional irrigation system installer will take the time to accurately gauge your water pressure before customizing a system to match it. The high water pressure causes the sprinklers you've installed to produce a fine mist, but low pressure will only produce a dribble. We assess the irrigation needs of your lawn to ensure the sprinklers are aligned with the pressure for optimal efficiency and function.

Soil Quality

It is vital to consider the soil quality in your backyard before installing an automatic irrigation system. Clay soil absorbs water slowly and designing a sprinkler system without considering this fact can lead to flooding and water damage on your property. Homeowners lack sufficient expertise and equipment needed to assess the quality of soil, compromising the effectiveness of the irrigation system. We go the extra mile to ensure your in-ground sprinklers are properly positioned for effective watering.

Weather Conditions

As seasons change, so does the weather, resulting in varying degrees of precipitation. Without carefully considering the design of your lawn, you risk installing an irrigation system that's not suited for local weather. The last thing you want is to see your sprinklers running on a rainy day, increasing the cost of your utility bills. We can help you save thousands of dollars every year by adjusting your in-ground sprinklers to account for local weather.

Lawn Damage

Automatic irrigation system installation is a highly-intrusive process that involves digging trenches on your lawn. If you lack industry-standard tools and equipment needed for the process, you risk significant lawn damage that turns your beautiful home into an eyesore. We leverage cutting-edge equipment to enhance irrigation system installation with minimum disturbance to your yard, leaving your property intact.

These are some reasons why homeowners should consider hiring a professional for lawn sprinkler installation. Please don't mistake biting more than you can chew when it comes to sprinkler repair and installation to avoid hefty costs in the future. Call us today at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with the experts. We guarantee exceptional services at a pocket-friendly price.