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January 27/2023

Ways to Save Water with Your Irrigation System

Freshwater traditional irrigation systems use 70% of water, which is not ideal for your monthly utility bill. Aside from an exaggerated water bill, these systems lose half of the water to external factors like runoff, wind, and evaporation. Although this is not what you had in mind during the initial sprinkler installation, Atlanta Irrigation Company is an established irrigation company that can help you reverse the damage.

An intelligent irrigation system goes a long way in ensuring you utilize every drop and helps you conserve water that would be wasted. It is advisable to consult a reputable and reliable irrigation company before installing a smart sprinkler, minimizing your water dependency while maintaining a healthy and lush yard.

Why is Water Conservation Important for Irrigation Systems?

Landscaping is usually associated with your backyard, but most people don’t comprehend the large-scale impact of the project. While there are millions of acres across the United States, sprinklers cover more than half of the irrigated land. This means that there needs to be special consideration before sprinkler installation, and Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you attain maximum conservation. Here are some ways you can save water and minimize unnecessary irrigation system repair.

Adjust Seasonal Sprinkler Settings

A smart sprinkler is equipped with an in-built clock to help homeowners optimize and control water use. Your lawn doesn’t require a lot of water in the spring and fall compared to summer. That’s why it’s essential to consider the current season if you aim to get the most out of your irrigation system. A smart irrigation system can be adjusted to ensure water is controlled during every season, preventing wastage.

Our team can help you use the advanced controls that come with your irrigation system to change and set the water schedules depending on the season. This is an excellent solution for mitigating water wastage and malfunctions that result in costly irrigation system repair.

Leverage Weather Sensors

Atlanta Irrigation Company can help you save money and time by installing an intelligent system, which is more efficient than traditional systems. Most intelligent irrigation systems are equipped with weather sensors, which can automatically adjust to the weather to determine the water needed. This goes a long way in ensuring you don’t drench your backyard unless it’s necessary.

Advanced systems can tell when it has rained, lowering the amount of water or even stopping when the temperatures are near freezing. This helps prevent ice damage on your landscape features and valuable hardscapes. If you consider upgrading your irrigation system, you should consult an irrigation company to learn more about the available options.

These are some things you should consider when looking to save water with your irrigation system. With all the advanced technology in the irrigation industry, you need professional help to help you navigate the various products before making a decision. That’s why Atlanta Irrigation Company is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your system. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our experts.