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January 16/2023

What Month Should You Start to Cut Your Lawn?

As spring approaches, homeowners are becoming eager to get their hands dirty through yard maintenance. The most vital factor to consider before springtime lawn care is timing. Many DIYers usually wonder when it is best to mow the lawn, especially after winter. However, timing varies depending on the weather, grass health, soil nutrient level, climate, and more. At Atlanta Irrigation Company, we know these details and provide clients with pertinent information to maintain a lush lawn.

If you are still determining the right time to maintain your lawn, we recommend hiring a professional to eliminate any guesswork. We conduct sprinkler repair inspections, ensuring your system is running as expected and meets the needs of your yard before taking your mower out of the garage. You can count on us for exceptional irrigation system installation and maintenance, ensuring your curb is in tip-top condition throughout the year.

Factors to Consider Before the First Mowing Session

Once you are certain of the best time to cut your lawn, there are several steps you should take before your first mowing of the season. Check the length of your grass and ensure it is at least three inches high. If the height is less than three inches, chances are the roots are not deep into the soil. Mowing grass before it is fully established compromises the health of your yard, hence the need to hire a professional.

Besides grass length, other factors to consider include temperatures, weather, and water availability. If the temperatures are warming up, you need an efficient irrigation system to meet the hydration needs of your lawn. We recommend hiring a sprinkler repair service for a maintenance inspection, giving you peace of mind knowing your grass is getting sufficient water.

Make Sure the Lawn Mower is Ready

Now that you know the timing and grass length, check your lawn mower and other yard maintenance tools. Clean the leftover debris, grass, or residue from previous jobs, and ensure the blade is sharp enough. We advise homeowners to take preparations a notch higher by inspecting internal components, lubrication, and gas levels for optimal efficiency. A landscaper can handle the heavy lifting if you prefer a more hands-off approach.

Mowing After Care

After mowing your lawn, clear any debris lingering in the mower, so it remains in good shape. Clean all the tools before storing them in a safe place like the shed, garage, or covered patio. Next, ensure your soil has a constant supply of nutrients and water to replenish growth. Fertilization, mulching, and irrigation go a long way in maintaining a lush yard throughout the yard. If the sprinkler is ineffective or non-existent, you can count on us for quality irrigation system installation and repairs.

Do you need professional maintenance to improve the efficiency of your irrigation system? If so, you have come to the right place. Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule an appointment with our experts. We guarantee top-notch irrigation and landscape lighting services at competitive market rates.