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January 16/2022

What Month Should You Start to Cut Your Lawn?

Has the return of spring made you eager to get out into the yard and get your hands dirty? Timing is an important factor to consider when beginning your Springtime lawn care routine. Many homeowners wonder when the best time is to start mowing their grass. The truth is that the answer varies depending on climate, weather conditions, soil nutrient levels, grass health, and more. A professional landscaper is aware of these details and can determine whether a client is ready for regular mowing, but property owners can sometimes struggle with pinpointing the right time. Hiring a landscaping company like Atlanta Irrigation Company can ensure that your lawn is properly maintained, but many opt to perform some basic tasks themselves. If you’re ready to get your mower out of the garage and back to work, here are some things to keep in mind before moving forward.

What to Consider Before Your First Lawn Mowing Session of the Season

While you might be ready to run outside and get started right away, there are some important steps to take when getting ready for your first mowing session. First, you’ll need to ensure that your grass has grown at least two to three inches high. If not, then the roots need more time to dig deeply into the soil. It’s important that your grass becomes well established before it is mowed down. The timeframe in which this occurs will vary from property to property, thanks to shifting weather conditions, temperatures, and water availability.

How to Make Sure Your Lawn Mower Is Ready

Once you’ve determined that your grass is tall enough, then you’ll also need to ensure that your lawnmower is prepared for the task. Hopefully, your mower and lawn care tools were properly cleaned and stored away while your grass was dormant. If not, then you may have your work cut out for you. Make sure to clean off any leftover dirt, grass clippings, or residue present from prior use. Check the condition of the blade. It should be sharp. Otherwise, it could make mowing more difficult and less effective. You’ll also want to check the oil and gas levels and lubricate components if necessary.

Mowing After Care

After you mow, there are a few actions to take before calling it quits. Wipe away any debris to ensure that your mower remains in good shape between uses. Store your mower in an area where it will be protected from weather and damage, such as a garage, covered patio, or shed.

Invest in Professional Lawn Treatments

Mowing is only one small aspect of lawn maintenance. If you want a beautiful yard full of luxurious grass, then you’ll need to go the extra mile and ensure that you have quality soil and an abundant supply of essential nutrients. Professional lawn treatments can help improve the health of your grass. Fertilization, aeration, pest control, weed prevention, and other critical services will make sure that your lawn is in peak condition all year long.

Are You Looking for a Landscaping Company in the Atlanta, GA Area?

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