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October 18/2023

What to Know About Wifi Sprinkler Controllers

Technology advancements over the past few decades have significantly enhanced efficiency, particularly landscaping and irrigation. Modern sprinkler designs can be controlled via WiFi controllers, allowing you to manage your water schedule using various handheld devices. Enhanced control and improved efficiency reduce your monthly water bill without compromising the quality of your landscape. If you want to improve your irrigation efforts, Atlanta Irrigation Company is the go-to sprinkler repair service. We have a team of highly trained experts ready to help you maintain an effective system, from the initial irrigation system installation to regular inspections and repairs.

How WiFi Sprinkler Controllers Work

Every property owner dreams of maintaining a lush lawn without breaking the bank. A WiFi sprinkler controller automatically waters your garden, allowing you to maintain a watering schedule even when you are not at home. The controller connects to your home WiFi and the water supply, so you can use an app on your phone or tablet to schedule when your sprinklers will turn on and off. Manufacturers provide the app to use, which provides a way to monitor the system’s status. Other WiFi sprinkler controllers can integrate with various home management systems, like Alexa for enhanced control and efficiency.

Benefits of a WiFi Sprinkler Controller

WiFi sprinkler controllers allow property owners to keep up with lawn watering even when they are far from their premises. This is a great way to save money and water while ensuring your plants get sufficient water.

Another advantage of these systems is the built-in weather information that informs your system adjustments based on weather. When you know what weather to expect, you can adjust your sprinklers to prevent over-watering and damage to your plants. In addition, a WiFi sprinkler controller does not affect irrigation system installation, as it can be retrofitted to most electric systems.

The Challenges of Using this System

While WiFi sprinkler systems are a great automation solution for watering your lawn, they have a few challenges. The first challenge is they require a reliable signal to run efficiently, which means if you live in an area with weak coverage, it won’t function at optimal capacity. However, some come with Bluetooth capabilities to ease such concerns.

The cost is another crucial factor when choosing the ideal system for your needs. You may find the controller you want is expensive, and settling for a cheaper one can cannot address certain needs. Since most systems run on electricity, so does the WiFi and your irrigation system if the power goes out.

Choosing the Right System

Plenty of research is vital before investing in a WiFi sprinkler system, and it is advisable to consult an experienced sprinkler repair service for professional advice. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge to know which models are great and which features to look for before making a purchase.

Atlanta Irrigation Company provides a wide range of services, including installing, repairing, and maintaining sprinkler systems. Contact us and schedule an appointment with our representatives to enjoy top-notch irrigation services at competitive market rates.