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June 03/2023

When is a Sprinkler System Required in a Residential Building?

Installing a sprinkler system in your residential building can be a life saver in case of fire in your home. However, applicable state laws may not require irrigation system installation. Despite this, prevention is better than cure; it is wise to enhance the safety of your occupants by installing a sprinkler system. This post will cover various types of sprinkler systems when you require irrigation system installation. Keep on!

Does Your Home Require Irrigation System Installation?

Almost everyone needs their home safe from fire. Therefore, installing a sprinkler system in your home will prevent harm to individuals and property. Buildings constructed before 13th November 2016 will require an automated sprinkler system.

Various laws will require automated fire sprinklers for commercial buildings with a set occupancy level. For instance, if your home has more than 4 units, you’ll require an irrigation system installation. Similarly, if your home was built before 1950 and has ascertained specific conditions, it may also require a sprinkler system to prevent fire damage.

How To Identify Your Building Requires an Automated Irrigation System

A building with more than 4 stories and above should be installed with an automated sprinkler system. However, all buildings don't require automated sprinklers and fire alarms. For example, buildings with multiple exits do not require these gadgets. Similarly, buildings with multiple exits do not also require irrigation system installation.

Common Types of Residential Sprinkler Systems

Commercial and residential buildings require sprinkler system installation. Typically, they are known to protect property against fire and disasters. For fire prevention, here are various types of sprinklers you can consider installing:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

The most common type of residential sprinkler system is the fire sprinkler system. It's made up of a network of pipes that contain pressurized water, which can be activated by an alarm or other sensors to prevent fires from spreading. When activated, these systems spray a fine mist of water over an area, wetting down anything flammable and preventing the spread of flames. Generally, these systems are considered durable and do not require frequent sprinkler repair.

  • Deluge Systems

In a deluge system, all sprinklers are opened at once as soon as a fire alert. This type of system isn't widespread in residential homes because it's wasteful; it uses more water than necessary during what should be an emergency, but it's often used in industrial buildings where the cost of wasted water isn't as great.

  • Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

A wet pipe system is well-known for its quick activation. The water pressure needed to activate these systems is relatively low, making them ideal for areas where water pressure may be weak. The downside with this type of system is that it requires a large amount of water to fill the lines and activate. If there is a leak in your pipes or faucets, the water might not get to the sprinklers on time. At other times, these sprinkler systems may regularly collapse with high pressure, necessitating sprinkler repair services.

Get Sprinkler System Installation!

Installing a sprinkler system can be a great way to enhance the security and safety of your property. Luckily, Atlanta Irrigation Company is always ready to help you with irrigation system installation and sprinkler repair needs. We are composed of a team of experts who are always happy to offer the best services. Contact us today or book an online appointment for your fire sprinkler needs.