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February 16/2023

Winter Irrigation and Lawn Care

The cold season is finally here, and it is time to prepare our homes for freezing temperatures. Many people usually focus on their living spaces, overlooking the yard and outdoor fixtures. Winter can cause severe damage if you don’t take necessary preventive measures, hence the need to schedule routine maintenance with a professional.

Atlanta Irrigation Company is a trusted service provider, guaranteeing quality services such as landscape lighting installation and sprinkler repair. We leverage extensive industry expertise and knowledge to protect the various items in your yard. Here are winter irrigation and lawn care tips to help you keep your home safe.

Clean Your Yard

Unwanted critters usually hide under piles of foliage, sticks, and leaves when it gets cold and re-emerge after winter to wreak havoc. The best way to prepare for winter is to start with a full lawn cleanup. Collect all the debris, rake the leaves and clear weeds and bushes that look like nesting grounds for pests. Yard cleanup is a critical preventive measure that reduces pest issues in spring and summer.

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Turning off the irrigation system as the cold settles is not enough to prevent costly sprinkler repair calls. We recommend proper winterizing by protecting your system from exposure to snow or ice. Exposure to the elements affects the sprinkler equipment and pipes, compromising spring efficiency when needed. Winterizing irrigation systems starts with shutting off the water supply, so water doesn’t freeze in the lines and fixtures.

Modern systems run on an automatic schedule, which requires you to turn off the main controller and disable the automated scheduling. After the system is turned off, drain the pipes and insulate irrigation fixtures above the ground. Call a trusted sprinkler repair service for help if you prefer a hands-off approach.

Trim Your Trees and Bushes

Landscaping is critical for stimulating plant growth. Winter provides the ideal conditions to prune trees, reducing damage and boosting growth come springtime. Most trees are hibernating this time of year., allowing you to get a lot done without risking the overall well-being of your trees. Look out for utility lines and fixtures on the lawn to prevent property damage and costly landscape lighting repair emergencies. We recommend hiring a certified arborist to safely handle the heavy lifting, allowing us to swoop in after and ensure your irrigation and outdoor lighting systems perform well.

Mow the Grass

Mow effectively throughout the end of fall until the grass stops growing. This is an excellent way to fuel growth in the spring. If the grass is tall in winter, you risk mold or fungus growth, affecting your premises’ greenery and quality. Trimming your lawn at the height of two inches is essential, ensuring it survives the winter. Check power lines and fixtures as you mow the lawn to avoid unplanned landscape lighting repair or replacement projects.

Contact us at Atlanta Irrigation Company and schedule a consultation with our representatives to learn more about winterizing irrigation and lawn care. Enjoy top-quality services at competitive rates, from landscape lighting installation to irrigation system repairs and replacement.